• Day34

    Adios to Beautiful Barcelona!

    September 22, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    We wanted to confirm we knew the shortest path to get the train station ... so we took a trial run without the load of our backpacks.  We were assessing the situation when a lovely Muslim woman offered to help us!  The depth of people's kindness never ceases to amaze me. 

    Once we had our ducks in a row (or should we say gopher like metro holes in a role) ... we enjoyed our last cup of cappuccino at our neighborhood cafe/bakery! ☕☕

    We really hated to say goodbye to Barcelona but were looking very much forward to arriving in Roses ... with no where to go and nothing we needed to see ... just a chance to rest and relax and recharge after 33 days of being on the go! 

    It's TRUE that we could have taken a break at any one of our stops ... but neither one of us wanted to miss the opportunities that each city offered us. As it was ... we only scratched the surface of the joys to be embraced in these wonderful countries.  And ... we regret to say that we have certainly left many sights unseen here in Barcelona!!

    GASPS OF DELIGHT: This exceptional city really surprised us in the most favorable way!! We expected it to be more like Mexico.  But ... it is such an exquisite blend of old and new ... of history and progression ... of intellect and artistry.  It offers such nourishment for the spirit in so many ways! And well ... as I have previously shared ... it has nourished our bodies really well too!! 😉

    GOODNESS: But for today ... we head to a quieter space. We are going almost two hours north to a seaside town where we will land for three nights.  After that ... we have three more nights that we have not booked ... so ... if we love it ... we have the option to stay longer.

    GRIPES: The regional train that we boarded to take us to Roses was announcing the wrong stations on its monitor.  It was announcing that our next stop wa the one we we had just left behind! It took us a while to recognize the error! Thank goodness John was befuddled because we most certainly would have missed our stop had we not twigged onto the mistake.  Since when does the destination the message board for the passengers not match the station!!🤯🤯

    GAHS and GRATITUDES: Anyway ... crisis averted! And ... after a $47 € taxi ride (after the train) we arrived in this Spanish oasis!. Our hotel overlooks the bay ... and the beach is just steps away.  And ... if it stays really hot... we even have a pool to cool ourselves in.

    GOODNESS: And so ... we had a most delicious paella with lobster and mussels and clams and scallops and chicken!! Man ... it was beyond good!!!

    And then we wandered a bit to get grounded in our area and then dug our swimwear from the bottom of our backpacks ... and as I write this ... we are currently resting by the pool.

    GRINS: We are excited to simply spend some idle time ... in the stillness of 'being' ... rather than the flurry of 'doing'.

    And so ... good night for now.  We hope the sun is also shining on you all!

    Luv and hugs ....k&j
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