• Day17

    On my way to grand Canyon!

    May 2, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ❄️ 1 °C

    After sleeping on a campground next to the freeway close to Santa Fe, I know, not really exciting, but I was just exhausted after the death defying trip to los Alamos, I headed towards Flagstaff, my final destination before heading north towards Grand Canyon and unfortunately already heading to my final destination in Denver... Keep in mind that I started this part of the trip in 25 degrees temperature, and a clear sunny sky was smiling at me, My favorite song on the radio ( in case I have not told you yet, it’s “go your own way” from Fleetwood Mac, and they just screamed to sing along with... life was good! Apparently the weather did not react well to my singing qualities, because after about 20 minutes of driving, I saw a sign saying that I should be aware of the snow.... snow?? Yes.. they were not kidding, after this sign, a snowstorm started, which left quite an impression on me as well as on the road conditions :-). After arriving in Flagstaff, I was not sure if I should head out in the mountains, so I spent my day getting Groceries, and have my first phone meeting with a colleague to make sure everything was ok over there ( which luckily it was!). After the snow stopped I made the decision to try and get to Grand Canyon! This was a beautiful drive through the Forrest, with everything being covered in snow.
    Arrived at the information center and campground... no booking?? Ofcourse not, its me, Eric! So it was almost 18:30, and no place to legally sleep tonight.. for a minute I checked out the panoramic view, but I had other things on my mind. So luckily I found a campground about 20 miles from here, no power, no nothing, and freezing temperatures tonight... this will be exciting :-)

    Stay tuned to see what’s next!!

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