• Day1

    It's a smoke screen

    October 29, 2013 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌧 9 °C

    Recently been informed of Royal's new "improvement" to our Diamond facilities, in a pilot test, which we were informed of one week before sailing.
    The idea is that during the diamond drinks time we will be able to have up to a maximum of 3 drinks, each evening at any bar around the ship.
    All you have to do is show your sea pass.
    On the face of it, it sounds great, but it's a SMOKE SCREEN, the thing they don't tell you is that the overflow lounges for the diamond and concierge will not be used.
    As anyone who has done transatlantic cruises before will know the normal diamond and concierge lounges get extremely full and the overflow lounges are needed.
    Now instead of meeting friends of a similar level to you and relaxing in the overflow lounge, we will now be scattered around the ship perched on bar stools, drinking our MAXIMUM of 3 drinks, like naughty school children.
    This waffle about being able to enjoy the other bars on the ship during the diamond hours is just another Royal smoke screen, it is just a Revenue Dept, COST CUTTING exercise.
    I and a few others have already contacted Adam Goldsteins Miami office, and we've got the usual company spiel about it being an enhancement to our C&A amenities, in reality they have shortened the hours from 5pm - 8.30pm to 5pm - 8.00pm, half hours saved and with no overflow lounges available they will save a huge amount in free drinks.
    We have spent thousands of pounds (dollars) getting to our respective levels, and the majority of us enjoy meeting like minded cruise friends each evening in the diamond and concierge lounges.
    Well on this particular trip it's going to be impossible, because once the diamond/concierge lounges are full, which will be VERY quickly, we will have to spread ourselves around the ship, thus making the ships bars more crowded.
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