• Day53

    Loud music and early mornings

    September 4, 2014, North Atlantic Ocean ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    I get to the concierge lounge about 5.30 for my usual coffee, read of my book and to do my blog, god I'm a busy bee.
    Anyway as I walk in it's like a disco, the so called background music is blasting out.
    I'm not sure who they've got the volume turned up for?
    So I get on the telephone to guest services, but the girl I speak to us not brilliant with English, I suppose they give the graveyard shift to the non English speakers, or the poor English speakers, lol.
    Anyway I have no joy, but I do know how to get someone in authority to turn up, i start to look for the volume switch, behind the concierge desk and behind the bar where they have the spirits locked up.
    After a couple of minutes an officer turns up and asks if I'm Ok?
    I explain that I want the early morning disco music turned down, and he duly obliges.
    It's handy knowing about the closed circuit TV sometimes, and it's oh so easy putting the knowledge to good use.
    It's a bit like the old joke about the guy in prison who's old grandfather needed his garden dug over.
    Well he couldn't do it from prison, so he phoned his Grandad and said that all the bodies are buried in the garden, twenty minutes later a team of police had done the job for him.
    I'm not saying I've buried any bodies in the concierge, but if you want something done and you can't get it by asking, big brother is always watching, especially in the concierge, LMAO.
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