• Day59

    Lunch at Chops Grill

    September 10, 2014, North Atlantic Ocean ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    For a change we went to Chops Grill for lunch.
    This is normally reserved for suites guests at lunch time, but with so many Diamond pluses on board they're using it instead of the concierge lounge for lunch, and what a nice touch it is.
    It was packed, as people had found out it was available.
    Everyone was informed about it by letter in their stateroom on the first day but, as usual no one reads them, so by word of mouth it has got busier as the cruise has gone on.
    I must admit that the staff handled the packed restaurant very well.
    In fact except for the first couple of days when the staff in the concierge lounge didn't know what had hit them with the masses of diamond plus and pinnacle members on board, they have coped very well.
    As this was the very first transatlantic for this ship and its crew, who obviously didn't know that diamonds do transatlantic crossings because they are bargains, and usually the seasoned cruiser is not bothered about ports of call and just enjoys the relaxing sea days.
    I suppose the main problem is the guys in the Miami office who coordinate the crossings and must know how busy it can get, also the management on board ship should have known, but as I said the staff have handled it well.
    I am expecting the return crossing to be better for the crew as they will know what to expect.
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