• Day9

    That's not a clock - this is a clock ...

    August 1, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    First full day in London - a Monday I think. We started with a walk through the Shepherds Bush Market. I hoped it would be like the Victoria Market in Melbourne, and it was similar, but there were a lot of clothing shops - mainly with middle eastern styles. It was a bit smelly and not attractive enough for Mary to buy anything [yes it was that bad!].

    We decided on a change of pace and returned to the Westfield shopping centre - Mary and I took turns in trying out the Tesla cars - I want one please.

    Next it was the turn of Harrods. We went to see if Julian Assange was on the balcony - but no. Inside Harrods was amazing - such a clean department store, wide aisles and high quality stock. I was looking out for Mr Selfridge to pop out from behind a counter. Bought Sara some gifts - and others, why is it when you are holiday you spend so much time buying stuff for others, well it is for Mary's enjoyment I suppose.

    On one floor they have 5 luxury home layouts - I liked the clocks. A tall West Indian man [straight form "Death in Paradise" I expect] and with a pommy accent asked if he could help. I said, "how much for the clock [mate]". He said "you guess", well it did have some precious stones on it, so I said £35,000, he said "Close, it's £125,000" ... that won't be leaving the store with me. He apologised saying all our expensive stock is sold I'm afraid, and these are all we have left [poseur].

    I hear someone had acid thrown on their face by a passing motorcyclist last night outside Harrods . They say they do this to steal their bikes and then use them to commit crimes ...

    Pub meal again - why don't they have dark larger like White Rabbit, Tooheys Old or Carton Black? Tried a London Draught - it'll do.

    Tomorrow Museums - time for Deep Heat on the knees ....

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