• Day10

    The Marrakesh Express

    September 29, 2017 in Morocco ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    An early start in order to get to Fes station in time for our return railway journey to Marrakesh. Again, our party had 5 1st class carriages for 6 people in each and at this stage of the holiday people were pretty sure who they did or did not want to spend the next 7 hours with! We were with our buddies, Jill and Joy, and then ended up also with Irene and Aziz (a bit like being with the teachers on a school trip!)
    Amazingly, the 7 hours did not seem too bad and we had some laughs and good conversation. The next door carriage were drinking wine (we had been asked to be discreet if anyone wanted any alcohol) and there was a flurry of excitement as the train guard asked Aziz to sort out these renegades as he is required to confiscate the 🍷🍷🍷🍷! Aziz cracked on that it was only cola - no one was fooled, let alone the guard, but peace reigned once more. Our trusty green bus was there at Marrakesh station to meet us and we transferred, once more, back to the Hotel Es Saadi.
    Most people, including us, were surprised to find they had a much better room than last time. In fact, we had a suite with 2 rooms and a large balcony overlooking the pool, 2 TVs, large platter of fresh fruit and a kitchen with Nespresso machine! Lovely and a great end to the holiday. Dinner at 8pm then it will be goodbye to the rest of the party who leave at 9 in the morning.
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