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    Walking Around Copenhagen - Day 2

    January 12, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ☁️ 2 °C

    Another full day walking around Copenhagen, however, we only actually went to 2 attractions. The first was the National Museum where we wandered around for 4 hours. This museum is quite large and has many exhibits we have not seen before. The Egyptian and Greenland section were incredible so much information and exhibits. We left brain dead and very tired so we went to a little cafe for lunch/afternoon tea before we then walked to the nearby Christiansburg Palace. This time to see the ruins of the original castles.

    The castle we visited today has been rebuilt numerous times on the same site. The first Castle was Bishop Absalon’s Castle from 1167 it is the biggest and oldest ruins under Christiansborg Palace, the wall protected the Castle from pirates.

    Another big ruin under the castle is the foundation of the infamous Blue Tower, the biggest tower in Copenhagen’s castle. Here, political prisoners and other criminals were held captive. The most famous prisoner was Christian IV’s favourite daughter, Leonora Christine. She was held captive for almost 22 years.

    After 1369, Copenhagen Castle was rebuilt on top of the remains of Absalon’s Castle. The space was tight in the new castle and the kings broke down the building and built new ones.
    Christian IV wished to lay his mark on Copenhagen’s Castle. He added another floor to the Blue Tower with a flaunting copper spire.

    In the end, the foundation could not bear the enormous and heavy castle and it was clear that it was in danger of collapsing at any time. Christian VI tore down the castle and built a whole new one, the first Christiansborg Castle, completed in 1745.

    When casting the foundations of the present Christiansborg Palace, workers struck upon the ruins of older buildings and the remnants of the initial wall by accident. Experts were called in from the National Museum, and a close inspection revealed that the ruins dated back as far as 1167. 

    What they had come upon was Bishop Absalon's Castle, once situated on a tiny island off the Merchants' Harbour. Walking around the underground site, you get an idea of how the castle was continually renewed and developed.

    Exhausted after another full day we went back to the Hotel for the wine hour and a well earned rest before we hit the pavement again tomorrow.
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    We are Living the Dream

    Carol stands next to one of the many statues in the museum.

    We are Living the Dream

    Egyptian hieroglyphics.

    We are Living the Dream

    Carol at the counter of a doll shop.

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