• Day32


    June 1, 2019 in India ⋅ ⛅ 40 °C

    We did enjoy our holiday even with its up's and downs but we certainly learnt a few things this time around when it comes to pre-booking complete tours that we can adopt in future.

    1. Don’t trust tripadvisor reviews except for those from people with a large number of reviews (ie they are well travelled).

    2. Research tour company offers thoroughly, concentrating on:

    • Attractions and locations visited and purpose for visiting
    • Time taken to reach each new location and identification of wasted time waiting
    • Modes of transport used and the number of passengers
    • Proposed accommodation and confirm what happens if changed
    • Cost of complete tour vs making own bookings for accommodation and sourcing tour components separately or visiting attractions yourself and paying cost of entry.
    • Reputation/reviews of tour company.
    • Options they have should a component of the tour not proceed or be significantly delayed say due to bad weather or travel issues.
    • Level of proficiency of English of the tour guides.

    3. Ask tour company to clarify details of their offering arising from the points above to ensure that you have obtained value for money for a good quality tour.

    4. Obtain all responses by email.
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