• Day6

    Another Day in Paradise

    March 5, 2020 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Another beautiful and lazy day, morning swim, read, breakfast. I love this sort of morning.

    Then our little daily walk, we visited the local school this morning the kids are lovely and so appreciative of our gift of books, pens and pencils.

    Before heading back to the resort we stopped by our local resturant to purchase takeaway for dinner. Lazy is the best way to describe being on this part of our holidays.

    Lunch and more swimming and reading, I am on my 3rd book now.

    The afternoon was spent swimming, frying in the sun until I was crispy and of course reading. Basically doing nothing except thinking I would love this life permanently. In my head I have designed our house in the sun by the sea in a land somewhere.

    Then a short walk as it was time for a massage. Today the step count was only 3943.

    The day is nearing the end as we have a drink on the day bed looking out over the Gulf of Thailand awaiting the next sunset before dinner and a movie. Looking forward to tomorrow another day in paradise.
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    Melissa Wilson

    Make sure there is room for the 3 Wilson’s at that beach house! We promise it will be just as relaxing 😂😂😂