• Day132

    A day in York

    December 8, 2021 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 3 °C

    An excellent day, despite adverse weather - this is December in northern England - so not complaining! We started well..just cold and cloudy, and we found a great serious coffee shop that makes Amr standard coffee…and wonderful bagels. After that, we walked along the walls, which are intact in several sections, and had a lovely view of the city as we walked. By the end it was a bit drizzly, but we had reached an end of the wall where we crossed the river - the Ouse - but it must be a different Ouse from the little trickle of the Ouse that had seen everywhere in Olney, as the map showed it did not go near there, and this was a wide strong flowing river! And having crossed the river it led straight to the York Minster. We spent a long and wonderful time exploring this amazing building, now beautifully restored and immaculate looking. It has wonderful medieval stained glass and structures, with Roman ruins underneath as there is also a strong Roman history here.

    When we emerged finally from the Minster it was properly raining, not just drizzling. We persevered for a while but retreated into a cafe and had coffee/chocolate and an almond croissant, then went on through the small quaint and picturesque streets, the Shambles, markets. The rain eased, though it still felt really cold. We had a final coffee at Amr’s favourite coffee place and retreated to the hotel, having booked movie tickets for 5 pm, cinema just opposite the hotel, and by 5 it is dark, cold and wet and too early for dinner! So a good compromise. But the movie C’mon C’mon which Amr said was highly recommended (with Joachin Phoenix) I found terribly self indulgent and didn’t think was great at all…but they had very comfortable chairs and it was warm, so not complaining! (Have to mention that Amr did like the movie..)

    Then at 7.30 went to an Italian restaurant just nearby which looked (and was) good, and had a lovely dinner. Now back and cosy and warm!
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    Paul Farrell

    That is a stunning little town isn’t it?!!

    Ira Kowalski

    What a great spread.

    Ira Kowalski

    Wonderful light filled space.

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