• Day12

    Tropical storm Isaiac ️️

    July 30 in Dominican Republic ⋅ 🌧 27 °C

    It is Hurricane season in the carribian! 🌪️

    The first one I was about to witness turned out to be "only" a tropical storm here in the Dominican, called Isaiac. I felt safe here in this building and its robust walls. However, it is sad to think of all the poorer people in their wood cabines! 😰

    In the end, there were a few death and millions left without fresh water and electrity for days! 🤷🏼‍♀️

    My Cousin from the US kept me updated with pictures of the status of the storm.
    It looks scarier as it is and even a lot of my friends and family asked me how I am after the storm, I never felt in danger! 😉👍

    The next morning, we cleaned everything in the house, while the Military took care of the outside and cleaned the streets from the wood and stones.

    Well, bye bye Isaiac and hope to NEVER see you again in my life! 🤔😊
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