• Day145

    Hokitika wash out

    February 7, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Oh my word...the rain! All night long it was absolutely relentless and it meant neither of us got the best sleep. Fortunately it followed the forecast and cleared up by the afternoon.
    After spending the rainy morning planning and doing some life admin we headed for the Hokitika Gorge some half an hour away. We were told it wouldn't look so great today due to the rain, the usual brilliant blue would probably be brown, but we just wanted something to do.
    Unfortunately on the drive there I started to get some odd pains in my chest and the all too familiar sensations led to me having an anxiety attack once we arrived. The lack of phone signal and distance from any hospital didn't do much to help and so despite being only a 4min walk from the gorge, we headed back to some civilisation.
    Fortunately, it would seem it was indigestion of some sort and a few hours later I was pain free and much more relaxed. We had by thus point however rescheduled our heli hike of the Glacier the following morning, just in case. We would have to just go back in ourselves in a few days time.

    That evening we went to the movie theatre which like many cinemas here is independent and makes it feel more if an occasion. This one was housed in the old town theatre and was very quaint indeed, the smell from the bakery during the film made us sad too that it was all for tomorrow.
    The film we saw was LaLa Land and we both really enjoyed it, even Rob! A really nice feel good movie we thought, a perfect way to end the day :)
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