• Day17

    Malta - a day of wirlwind

    April 24, 2018 in Malta ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Early in the morning, I take a public bus to Medina - the highest point in Malta as suggested by Jonas. I like taking public transport; I like being rough most of the time. The middle of Malta basically has nothing, other than a few industries. It feels like Egypt / Arab area in Israel.

    Medina is a medieval town. I feel like I have been to a similar town before but I can't remember where; everything feels so familiar though. Because I am there at 7.30am, there are hardly anyone there and I roam around town and smell the air of history. The panorama point is spectacular, especially with the sunrise in the distance and the vineyard spread underneath, I feel like I am back to Israel. At the end of the day, this is Mediterranean.

    The journey back is not so pleasant. There is no taxi to be found so I have to take a random bus towards Valetta. It happens to be peak hour (8am-9am), the road is congested while the bus has no aircon! I manage to get to Valetta City Center and has no mood to look around because I need to rush back to meet Jonas at 10.30am. Plus that epic bus ride, I am willingly to hand over £25 to an angry taxi driver to take me back to Hilton.

    Before I leave to meet Jonas, I have a short discussion with Kenny because I know an offer is about to be made and want to make sure we are on the same page before proceeding.

    As expected, Jonas gave me a verbal offer and a well recited relocation package deal. We chatted for a bit about the next step and what I can read up on before starting. I then head off to the airport with a calm heart but heavy mind.

    I have been repeated this mantra "I am an expat, living overseas, doing meaningful work in business. Travel, control, Asia Pacific, Busienss Development, learn and grow, and strategy." since I came back from Israel. I have also written down $150k + super and leave TDC by June 2018. Now I finally get everything I wanted - I feel so unreal! I have been trying so hard for so long to go back to Europe without knowing how. I just believe I can somehow. Suddenly, everything all fall into places. My mind is trying hard to adjust to the reality.

    There are so much in my mind that, on the flight back to Milan, I leave my passport at the front of my seat and only remember it when I get off the shuttle bus. I can see the plane but I can not get back on!!

    Dealing with Italian is a NIGHTMARE! They have no empathy nor sense of responsibility. The guy at lost and found is so rude and I have to wait 30min before the Air Malta staffs show up. Another 15min later, they claim they check the plane twice and can not find anything. By the way, the plane has already left! WTF! I have to use the passport to get onto the plane; it must be on it. The lady is kind enough to help me call the embassy and leave her phone number to me just in case. The embassy can not help because they will close for ANZAC day tomorrow and my temporary passport will take 48hr to process.

    I am freaked out knowingly my passport is on that plane going back to Malta! There is nothing I could do except for leaving my contact details and Kenny's phone number with the friendly and sympathetic air hostess.

    When I reach back to the hotel, I have a long chat with Kenny - I miss him and want to go home! I don't want to stay in Italy till Monday!

    I take a walk to Milan central. As I am walking, Kenny message me saying that they have found my passport! I knew it - it is always on that plane! Now I am not so sure about their security first round check that they can't even find a passport. My option is to delay my flight back by a day and start working on the day of my arrival in the morning - it is going to be tough but at least I get to see my clients. Most importantly, I get to go home as planned!

    This must be the age thing that I can't travel for that long anymore. I miss home. I miss spending time with Kenny. I miss our balcony! I am not fucking 25yr anymore. Although I still enjoy travelling very much and don't think I can ever give it up, I would like to travel less and travel shorter.

    Another incident is: even the bus driver is not willing to help. I get on this bus with no notes telling passengers where to purchase tickets. The bus driver finally get on the bus (3min late, of course) and can not stop talking to his friend. He points at the ticket machine on the platform saying that I have to buy the ticket from there and he can not wait for me to do that. Fuck that! I just walk in and sit down. I am not going to wait for another 15min for your shit. If you fine me, so be it!
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