• Day65

    Best morning ski

    December 10, 2018 in Canada ⋅ ☁️ -3 °C

    Got out there nice and early this morning. Gareth said to walk up to the bullet rather than ridge and go down spruce trail or off to the right early for the fresh tracks.
    There were loads of people who had already been down but spruce was completely untouched. It was pretty amazing.
    There were amazing views from up top too, huge cloud cover just below the village so it looked like you were floating above the clouds, able to the sun hit the other mountains on the horizon.
    I got so excited about the snow I forgot to go to the morning lesson I wanted to do in the fresh snow.
    Getting more of a hang of skiing in deeper powder.
    I went out the top of bullet and climbed a little bit with this dude. There were a few other people out there and they were doing this pretty steep section among the trees. I felt a bit unsure about it but had a go any way.
    First turn I went too far across and sort of got my ski caught under something. One of my skis came off and slid down a bit. I had to slide down with one ski to the other carefully so that the sliding snow didn't bury it. Made it down but want to get better at steeps and deep snow.
    Had the best morning, hitting jumps and flying over bumps with a softer landing in the nice snow.
    I went in for lunch with the intention of going back out but ended up just having the arvo off. It had fogged over too by this point.
    Work was pretty busy still for Monday night.
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