• Day40

    Soaring high

    May 31, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Two days of mountains. Incredible views. Big climbs. Then amazing wonderful walking along long ridge lines - up above the tree line. Really exhilarating. Spain really is a land of mountains.

    It’s been very cold, though mercifully no rain (or only sprinkles) while walking. Last night we were lucky enough to find a restored house in a tiny dot of a mountain village, with roaring wood stove and triple glazing on the windows.

    Today it has been all downhill, back to earth, and staying in an albergue. Where some very kind Italian gentleman insisted I take a bottom bunk. People are so kind. I’m in Laza, in a cozy bar while the rain tumbles on my clean clothes, hanging on a line back at the albergue - too bad, I’m not leaving here to rescue them! And with very sore feet, sore ankles, and sore hips. A few injuries to my feet. I think a rest day is in order.

    Glimpses for the last week of the extraordinary work being done on the high speed rail line. The tunnelling is hard to believe. I can’t imagine how many billions of euros. Yesterday, on a tiny winding narrow mountain road, 7 cement mixer trucks passed us, one after another (with cheerful toots and waves), and lots of other heavy equipment.
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