• Day16

    Walking Where Kings Lay

    September 15, 2019 in South Korea ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

    I am up before sunrise and take off with my camera to explore. We are located across the road from a number of large mounds which are ancient burial tombs now set in park-like grounds. My walk takes me into a small forest and out the other side onto the street further along from our guest house.

    After breakfast Richard and I repeat my walk of this morning and this time also dive in to the old laneways that weave between the traditional houses. I have discovered that one of the symbols of the town is a horse figure so I am on the lookout for this as a figurine to add to my horse collection. So far no joy but I sure I'll find it somewhere.

    We find a lunch spot across the road from the Tombs Park. This is up there as possibly the best meal of the trip. A dish of fried thin pork strips along with a broth, possibly miso but this one is actually quite nice, and 16 side dishes plus rice. Absolutely delicious!

    Richard heads back to the room and I go in to see the Tombs Park, a large park with around 20 burial mounds, one of which has been excavated and restored so that you can enter and view the burial chamber. I approach a window to pick up a guide and end up with my own personal tour guide.
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