• Day3

    Hungry yet?

    July 20, 2018 in South Africa ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    I have no idea if I'll get a cross a shop or store to buy food along my route. Maybe because I still haven't defined the final route - I know... 🙈

    So apart from getting a new starter battery (mine hasn't made it through shipping) and some other stuff - today was about food.

    How many calories I'm going to burn a day? What is the absolute minimum? I never did this before and I really don't have a clue. Reading a few things a figgured I'm going to burn around 1800 kcal if I don't move at all. Recommended (activity wise) at my age, hight and weight is 3'000 to 3'400. That's too much to carry. Why don't loose a few pounds when it comes easy 🤣

    Max race duration is from 25th of July to 3rd of August - 10 days. I'm counting with 8. I got about 21'000 kcal in 4.9kg or 2'600/day. Thats 430kcal/100g which is a good ratio. What can you buy with this energy level at a usual grocery store? Choclate, Nuts, more chocolate - more nuts. Some dried fruits a little beef jerky for good measure, some Darvida I brought from home and porridge for breakfast. Shit I don't even remember the last time I ate that. But it has a good weight to energy ratio. And hell - that's another 5kg I have to carry on my back during take-off.

    En guätä 😋
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