• Day25

    Hello Kitty

    June 2, 2016 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    I promised several of my friends to bring stuff from Japan. Things like tshirts, whisky etc. But i knew beforehand that the bulk would be Hello Kitty items. No, not for myself but for 2 of my friends. (Honestly!!) I figured Tokyo, being the city where you can buy anything there is to buy, would be the best place to score some nice Hello Kitty stuff. The biggest shop was a short walk away from the hostel so i set of to the Tokyo Skytree. There is a big shopping mall underneath the Skytree with a lot of touristy shops but also a store specialized in Hello Kitty. They have socks, chopsticks, mugs, teddybears, food, pencils etc etc.
    It was still early in the morning in Holland as i sent a message to my friends to get ready for the shopping spree. The next hour and a half i was running through the shop looking for items and then taking pictures to let them choose the one they liked best. I ended up paying exactly 15000 yen which is roughly 120 euro. Not bad for an hours work. :-) I even got a clubcard so now i am an official member of the Hello Kitty fanclub. :-P
    I had already visited the Tokyo Skytree the first time i was in Tokyo so i thought it would be a nice idea to go to Tokyo Tower instead. It's not as tall as the Skytree but it's located in a totally different part of the city and so gives another nice view of Tokyo from above. From the subway it was first of to Zojo-ji to get a seal for my gochuin and then straight on to the Tokyo Tower. A short elevator ride took me to the 1st floor at 150 meters. It had a nice view of the city seaside. Unfortunately Mt. Fuji was nowhere to be seen due to the haze in the distance. It was getting late in the afternoon and i went back to the hostel for a quick shower to rinse off al the sweat. (the last couple of days have been really hot and humid). Jimmy wasalready waiting to get to Nui hostel again where we met Megumi and her freind. Megumi works for Sennheiser in Japan and told me there was a Sennheiser demonstration the next day in Shinjuku where you could listen to a 6 million yen headset. :-P She gave me the address and we again had a great night in Tokyo. So much for taking it easy this evening.:-)
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