• Day31

    Day 31 - Whao-mart!

    October 8, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

    We awoke to the sound of rain against the window. Doh! We had managed to avoid a full day's rain since being in the States but today it arrived with a vengeance. It is a driving day which is handy although it would have been nice to see the vibrant colours of the changing season's trees without rain spattered windows. We still have plenty of time here in the East to see this annual marvel in more detail. A gentle reminder of our luck with the weather so far.

    We wanted a hearty breakfast that would lift the gloomy mood of perpetual drizzle. Alice searched for the nearest IHOP. We ordered large breakfasts that took a while to arrive. When the food arrived it was served with an ample side of apologies and it wasn't long before we felt full and content. IHOP just hits the spot, particularly on a wet weekend. The ultimate comfort food. We were now ready to embark on another six hour roadtrip.

    We have encountered many toll roads since Chicago and we decided to take the scenic and cheaper routes for all future journeys. The added benefit of these routes is seeing small town America close up. We pass though many small towns and villages that proudly display the stars and stripes and being this time of year, pumpkins too. I didn't realise how big a deal Halloween is here with the majority of houses having anything from a solitary pumpkin to a full-blown spooky scene with witches, ghosts, cats, lights and fake cobwebs. Some are particularly inventive with tombstones that have funny messages and skeletal hands on people's front lawns. In the supermarkets there are even Halloween cards. Happy Halloween! Driving through these towns there are also a lot of signs showing political support for a Presidential candidate, local DA or Senate Representative. It's noticeable how Republicans out number Democrats when it comes to showing political allegiance in these parts of the country.

    We arrived at our destination just outside Albany and quickly dropped our things off and went to get dinner. We had a noodle meal that was fast and healthy and then it was time to go to the biggest Walmart in the US. We were ready for this although it didn't look particularly big from the outside. We picked up a few items and the further we ventured inside the more disorientated we felt. We entered from what appeared to be the first floor, looked around, and descended to the basement floor and looked around. By the time we paid for our goods we left the store and were left staring at an unfamiliar carpark. We realised we were on the other side of the building and had exited from the basement floor. It was then easier to go back through the store, up the escalator and leave via the entrance we first come through. We could only assume that the building is on a slope as there are no steps obvious on either side of the building to explain why entering and leaving on different floors results in an outdoor carpark. I feel like I've now been inside an MC Escher drawing!

    We drove back to our hotel and gave the new kettle a test run. A movie, tea and cake were consumed before bed.

    Song of the Day:
    Walking on Sunshine (it may have been raining as we drove, but in our minds, we were walking on sunshine!)
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    Melissa Kitto

    You caught the remnants of a hurricane that's why there was so much rain!