• Day1373

    USA Tour - Nashville

    December 15, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 10 °C

    The weather was much better today so I walked up to the Pantheon which was about an hours walk away. Once you get past Broadway there isn’t much after that, it’s kinda boring however the ‘The Gulch’ area of Nashville is cool, I’d recommend that area to anyone for a little walk about.

    I got to the pantheon which is a full size scale replica of the original in Greece, not exactly sure why they built it in a park just outside of Nashville however it is pretty awesome to walk around - inside is an art gallery which is not really my thing so I just kept to staying outside and walking around it. It just means I have to go to the original now to compare....

    After my hour walk back into Nashville I had a little jaunt around music row on my way back... meh

    I get back to my hostel and get changed ready for a few beers and enjoy what the night had to offer - although I’ve got to be honest I didn’t enjoy it. Every bar was rammed so you could barely move and tbh I’m getting sick of drinking. I don’t drink much as it is, and I think my body just wants me to drink water for a few days, especially when I’ve been eating nothing but crap for a month too!

    I persevered for a few hours but then made my way back to the hostel to watch the rocky fielding fight - didn’t have much hope for him.... I can’t decide if alvarez was just levels above in quality or whether rocky just didn’t fancy it. Either way at least he can say he headlined at madison Square garden!

    Last full day tomorrow, no plans as of yet, I might just wait for the notice board to be updated and see what’s on there...
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