• Day1403

    USA Tour - Las Vegas - Nevada

    January 14 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    So I finally arrived in Sin City! Flew in from Houston airport and arrived at Vegas airport which is like nothing I’ve seen. Slot machines everywhere!

    Anyway I go get my bag and I get to the Bellagio as quick as possible. Looking up and around on my way into the city, what struck me is that in the day it’s not what I imagined. It’s kinda normal.

    I arrive at the Bellagio a bit overawed at the size of it. I give my bag to the bell desk and make my way inside. Unforgettable moment. Huge lobby area with statues and art everywhere. I walk through the casino and see all the money on the tables, the cheering, the gasps, the sound of the bell when someone wins on the machine. It’s infectious. I walk through the mall in the Bellagio which is cool, shops are out my price range though.

    I met up with trudi and Kelly and we went out and had a ball.

    No more Needs saying
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