• Day54

    Archipiéla go de los Canarreos.

    July 9 in Cuba ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Oh boy what a week!
    We meet up with our group of 9 in Havana and jumped aboard a bus to Cienfuegos, a port town in the middle of Cuba at the bottom.
    We jumped aboard our 85ft catamaran that holds 16; grateful that we only had 9!!
    The group consisted of 4 oldies from New Zealand, 2 oldies from Hungary and 1 youngy from Wales. What a treat. We were very keen.
    The boat left the port and sailed all night while we slept soundly. We awoke to the sun and fresh air of the first island.
    The next week pretty much goes as follows; wake up, swim, brekky, snorkel, fish, lunch, kayak, swim, laze around, dinner, cards, bed time.
    A particularly special day was spent visiting a sea turtle conservation and then being able to release several turtles back into the wild!
    We feasted on freshly caught fish and lobster. Oftentimes eating what we had caught in the day. Deliciousssss.
    Sooo relaxed and sun drunk we’re ready for some more in California.
    So nice to meet you Brenda, Dave, Kaylene, Clive/ Vince, Amy, Akos, Katie, Lerdo, El Capitan and El Chef.
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