• May3

    Arrival in Marrakech

    May 3, 2019 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    We arrived in a very hot and humid Marrakech in the evening and got a taxi from the airport to our hostel in the Medina.
    As it turned out, that heat and humidity quickly turned into a full on biblical storm, complete with hail stones and floods. Lucky for us, we'd just checked in and were able to watch it from the relative safety of our room. Relative because the 2nd floor landing outside our room is open to the sky and it completely flooded and started to leak under the door into the room. Fortunately our friendly host Said was on hand to sweep the water down the stairs and save the day. We asked him if the storms happen often, "with ice rain? never". Just our good luck then :)
    After all that excitement we ventured out as soon as the storm passed to find some dinner. Ended up in a really cool restaurant with live music where we had our first tagines, delicious.
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    Vera and Tom

    Our first tajin - chicken and vegetables