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  • Day37

    Yeppoon - Ospreys, Bats and Sea Shells

    November 17, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    When we left Yeppoon we thought we’d look to see if the ospreys were on their nest. We found one hungry sounding young osprey. The birds have been coming back for many years so the lights upon which they nest have been permanently fenced off.

    There is a fruit bat colony that nests along the main road. During the day the bats can be seen hanging there, occasional wafting their wings around to stay cool. How black bats stay cool in these temperatures I don’t know. They are a sight at night as they gather together on the wing before flying off.

    Lastly we visited Shell World to see an amazing collection of shells from around the world. With there being such strong restrictions upon collecting sea shells, it made me wonder why some elements of our past, that are no longer generally accepted as being appropriate, continue to be on display, while others are banished. This shell collection was started in the 1960s when a club was formed of local shell collectors. The numbers grew and individuals bequeathed their collection to Shell World. It was fascinating to see sections of shells and how some were polished. Rather like the Natural History Museum, after I’ve seen a few thousand of one item, I get a bit a bit blind to the variations.
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