• Day155

    Goodbye Bertha

    March 14, 2020 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 29 °C

    On Friday we drove back to Macedon through Melbourne. The Grand Prix is due to be racing this weekend but we drove past a large sign saying that it was cancelled. Life changes so fast.

    We stopped off and washed Bertha and then on Saturday we drove to Tallarook to meet Allan and Gaye. We found a cafe where we could park outside and look obvious, then went inside for a coffee. Allan and Gaye turned up a few minutes later so we went to hand over Bertha.

    The bank transfer took a bit of time because there is usually a $5,000 maximum for these transfers, but Gaye had been into the bank and increased it to 30,000. Unfortunately, no one had told her online banking. After 30 mins the transaction went through, but will take a few days to show up in Bun’s brother’s bank acc. We take some pictures and let them go on their way.

    Kerry arrived to drive us back to Macedon. Next task is to rent a car.

    We booked a Hyundai i30 for collection on Sunday with the intention of setting off again on Monday morning. When we arrived to collect the car we were told that it hadn’t returned yet, but should be back at “any time”. Another walk and cup of coffee and two hours later we drive off.

    We feel distinctly vulnerable in a small car. Yes it may be an automatic, have good a/c and cruise control, but we are about 3ft lower than we were in Bertha. The large road trains appear massive as they come towards us. Somehow, this isn’t a road trip in a small Korean car, should have booked the convertible Ford Mustang.
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    Wayne Bampton

    DILUSI !!!!!!!!!!

    Andy n Bunny Briggs