• Day8

    Paradise in Piha

    January 18, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Today we met Ashleigh's dads friend Leanne who lives in New Zealand. She picked us up and we went over to Piha on the West coast. It was a beautiful drive up high windy roads, stunning views from the top. We had brunch at Piha cafe then stolled down to the beach. Piha beach is a black sand beach and is popular with surfers . Lion rock which you can see in the pictures is a natural formation dividing North and South Piha beaches. It is an eroded 16-million-year-old, volcanic neck named for its similarity to a lying male lion when viewed from the rear (shore side).

    After a walk on the beach we headed to kitkite waterfalls. We walked a long a wooden trail surrounded by rainforest. When approaching the view of the waterfall it was spectacular and so beautiful. We climbed down a rocky path and went for a swim under the waterfall. It was actually very cold, but we soon dried off in the sun. We then had a long hilly climb to the top of the waterfall. There were a few rockpools which we jumped in. The view from the top was stunning you could see for miles. I could of stayed there all day! After that we headed to elevation cafe piha for a cold beer with a view. We headed back to our hostel then for the evening.
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