• Day189

    Floods & Thunderstorms. What a night!

    July 17, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌧 14 °C

    It was raining most of the day today. So didn't do a lot during the day. We went to orange frog cafe. I had a quinoa, roasted veg and feta salad for lunch.

    In the evening around 6pm we offered to drop our friends off in Kerikeri as they had a work meal at the cruising club. It was hammering it down. There was a tree down on the road and the water was coming up to the bonnet. We had no idea there would be floods. I was thinking is this really a good idea... Going through these floods. The next roads weren't too bad so we drove on 40 minutes to Kerikeri to drop our friends off.

    We started to make our way back to Paihia. The road was closed both directions to Paihia so we waited an hour in the car park near the road in the hope it will open. We then went back to pick up our friends. The road was still closed and it was still hammering it down and thunder and lightning. We could hardly see the road. Some cars were washed away and some turned on their side.

    We rang some hotels but couldn't get through or they were all fully booked. It was now 11pm and we didn't have anything to eat. Only dominoes was open in Kerikeri so we had a pizza there. We then drove to the Kiwi farm that Quinten and Lisan worked at as they said we could stay there for the night..unfortunately when we arrived it was only a sofa we could sleep on but it was outside. So we slept in the car last night. It was a rough night. Didn't get much sleep. However we felt lucky we were safe and didn't get washed away.

    What a night!
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