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    Best place in Indonesia!

    January 20 in Indonesia

    Ijen is by far the best place I've been to in Indonesia😎. No regrets about going there at all. Firstly no place before I have been to has had such an amazing flame💙. It's exactly as shown in the pics which is another amazing part about it.😇 Also the journey to there was equally nice. (I don't wanna say challenging although it was a bit maybe mainly because it did not feel risky at all)😇. It took a total of 2 hours to climb to the top of Ijen and then to go see the blue flames (of sulphur). Walking in the dark was well fun in a different way as compared to running down the same road hours later with a more than brilliant view😋. Every time we stopped, our guide invariably consumed a new cigarette😂. As we carefully descended down to the crater the smell of the sulphur grew more and more intense🤨. (I like it actually in not too toxic quantities) The problem was with the eyes. Unfortunately we we're able to see the acid lake from the bottom but after reaching the top it was chantick😁. Something to try next time :D
    Just say that you can no longer see the blue flames to the people descending down🤭. (An old lady almost got a heart attack)😂
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    Expensive but well damn WORTH IT!

    January 20 in Indonesia

    Bali is really really worth visiting😎 but it's not indonesia!

    Let me highlight some of the main differences between the 2 :
    1) Prices💵 : Well everything is almost 2 to 3 times as expensive as in Yogyakarta in Bali.
    2) Religion : In Indonesia when someone has a positive inclination towards you (a bit maybe after the where you come from question) they generally ask the religion with an expection of being muslim whereas here it's with an expectation of being Hindu.
    There is a very noted disappointment everywhere in Indonesia if the religion doesn't match and a sense of enthusiasm if it does which is super fucked up😂!!!!!
    3) Animals : No fucking cats in Bali but dogs😇! Finally something nice 🤭.
    4) Weather : It's more tropical in Bali. With way more forests and also rice plantations😇.
    5) People : Well people here are browner for sure, they are also more hairy with better eyebrows and also heavily tattooed😏. Curiosity for boule is reduced considerably in Bali😂.
    6) Roads : Are way better (properly constructed) in Bali but still takes super long to travel around.
    7) Architecture : Well no mosques seen being replaced with a zillion temples (which look more Chinese than indian)😊.
    SOOO DIFFERENT from real Indonesia🙁

    Day 1 :
    All about reaching our home and the struggle in the rain of shifting the luggage 😂. Having taken the ferry, it took us nearly 4 hours to reach our home driving from the west coast of Bali to Ubud 😁. The home was really comfy (problem was hot water was available only for the lucky ones)🤭.

    Day 2 :
    Having settled in and had a very fruitful breakfast😋 (well also after washing clothes), we headed to a RICE PLANTATION place (idk the name😂) but it was wonderful😊. Later we headed to a butterfly park where we say many beautiful butterflies and also some cocoons. It was really amazing! (Helps that Bali is touristic)😇. After taking a look at Mt.Agung we headed to a waterfall.😊 It was a sight. And after dropping Ares off we had a nice sleep.

    Day 3 :
    We checked out of the previous hotel and our day began with the Balinese dance😃. To my surprise it was super amazing (the music was unique and so was the performance of the actors)😃. Later we headed to a temple (basically a view point like the southmost in Bali) and then to a bird park.🤭 It WAS SOOOO GOOOOODD!!!😃 Way better than the one in Palembang. So many birds hahahah. After which we headed for our hotel hunt😇. We settled on the tallest hotel in bali!! It was awesome to stay here for 3 days.😃

    Day 4 and 5 :
    A nice heavy breakfast kicked off our day.😋 After a few bad bargaining deals and a long walk along the beach it was fun just to lie down and relax in front of our hotel😊. Later at night we tasted Nasi jinngooo (which was amazing🤩) and Siobak (pork was tasty)😊. Snorkeling was super awesome the next day and the banana boats were Fucking crazyyyy😂. (Falling was epic) and the trip to lemobongan was amazing.
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    The mountain not so special

    January 16 in Indonesia

    At the Surabaya there are many stations🤨 so it was a bit confusing where to get down. The strange part was that like a lot of peeps boarded from the 1st station although the train was to stop in Surabaya😂. Anyways we were picked up by our guide SELAMAT (he's a very happy person very funny as well and happened to be a great guide). We approached the Surabaya airport to pick up the rest of the family after a brief stop at the market. Unfortunately they had arrived but their luggage hadn't🙁. So after a few delays (to ensure that the luggage would find the owners sooner or later) we headed for a meal and towards our 1st destination Mt.Bromo. The journey proved us with many beautiful places to see (It looked similar to Waynad from Kerela)😇. So through the forests climbing up and up towards Mt.Bromo we headed, we reached our wonderful hotel by 3pm (The lunch on the way Sate Kambing was not really loved by family)🙁. The hotel was right on the edge of a hill facing a mountain on one side and was super equipped with facilities like HOT WATER😎. A hot water bath was the experience I would really pay a lot for!!! So a walk later and a meal later followed by a shower, sleep was quick😃.

    Day 2:
    We started early (actually a bit too early)😂 for witnessing the sunrise leaving the hotel by 3:30. (Also note that even with diarrhoea it was impossible to take a shit because of the cold)😂. We travelled through the dark to reach the viewpoint but our hopes of seeing Mt.Bromo faded as time flew due to the ever existent fog😔. After a really long 2 hour wait we left to go to the crater. The walk to the top was a super easy one😂. (Though some lazy people were riding poor horses😔). The top was not really special but the atmosphere around the mountain was really nice. With too much breeze blowing it was near freezing😈. A nice breakfast later and a long sleep in the car, we had reached Banyuwangi. (I missed talking about the meal and the road but nothing was special except for the fact that the road was beside the ocean all the way which was nice😇. (Reminded me of the Andaman islands)
    That was the end of Mt.Bromo though🙁
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    The usual fuckup

    January 3 in Indonesia

    As always everything just can't go well can it 😂? (Not a 100% GERMAN YET).
    So everything was going fine and we arrived at the railway station way before time only to find out that our train was leaving from a station 2.5 hours by car from the station we were at😂. So we hurriedly went to a bus station to check for tickets to Palembang.😊 Our host was specifically kind and helped us get a bus to Palembang for a discount😉. We said goodbye to him and now the bus journey goes on.
    The bus ride was so unique😂 :
    1) The concept of overtaking is non existent in Indonesia🤭. There's never any hurry what SO EVER. Same goes for honking😂.
    2) Profit maximization was at the fullest😉. Stools were arranged between seats in order to maximize capacity😂.
    3) With an AC which can't blow (air obviously)😂 and no windows it was like a journey of a thousand smells 👻.
    Omg it's so much to learn here simply from the fact that everyone around us was super calm😃 and also happy with the way things were going😀. We used to pick up every person on the way who was ready to pay a bit to go in our direction🤭 and stock up our luggage as well. The bus could be described as a voracious eater slowly overeating to death😂. We had 3 drivers one of whom kept on saying 'GOOD' and we're accompanied with a couple of prostitues 😂
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    Beach finally!

    January 2 in Indonesia

    DAY 1:
    So the train journey from Palembang to Lampung was a long one to say the least😪. I was expecting to see the real Indonesia through trains but they were AC and we could not feel the fresh air from outside😣. Basically trains in Indonesia are not at all like trains in India.

    Let's see a few differences :
    1) Booking for trains is possible even 7 days before the journey date 😂 (in India we must book a month in advance)
    2) Trains are super well maintained unlike India. (Very clean toilets and seats are a guaranteed feature)😁
    3) Just 1 company selling food in trains😮. No other street vendors allowed to enter🤗.
    4) Too many people working on the train station for assistance 😅. It's basically a source of providing employment. (In India not soo many peeps gets jobs I guess)
    5) Trains are cheap but still only well off people travel through them and tickets are actually checked 😂 (not like general class in India)
    6) Seats may be cleaner but the distance between 2 seats is almost nothing 😫 (it's difficult to sit properly)

    It was apparently the first time that a boule had travelled from the train from Palembang to Lampung 😂 so we got some special treatment. (Me and Sira) The canteen girl was astonished to see us so we had a few chats and it was fun to interact with everyone on the train 😄. Then sleep was vital as well and the family sitting next to us connected well with us. We played many games of UNO (part of the weird traditional here is to powder the face of the loser 😫) so it's a great incentive for NOT LOSING! But it was fun playing. (A super energetic kid called BAGUS meaning 'good' in Bahasa Indonesia, a pretty girl and her super fun uncle were our players). They had these amazing biscuits with cheese on one side and sugar on another 😋! Questions and answers, games and powders later we reached Lampung! (We were super enthusiastic to meet our host whose profile seemed amazing 😍) We met the host and 2 other super amazing peeps😁. Firstly I thought they had been friends for a while (such was the connection they seemed to make) and after a nice dinner later we started our journey to the beach for the new year party 😂. The way to the beach was so crowded lol but the pumped up music kept the hopes high😎! We reached a nice corner of the beach and just sat there watching firecrackers nearby 😍. Enjoying the atmosphere around with campfires and enthusiasm everywhere. Tired from the journey sleep was fast🤗. First time sleeping in a car! ^^ haha😄.

    DAY 2:
    The next day morning was a late one and after freshning up in the beach and a nice walk later it was photoshoot time 🤗. A zillion photos later we headed towards the city for a nice meal of meatballs😋. We said our goodbyes to our friends from Jakarta and then settled in our hosts home. So the home was located to the north east side of the city set near a market (like a vegetable one). The neighborhood was of our host's family with his half a dozen bros and sisters (nearly). The home was a small village house with a bit too less illumination with a barely usable toilet and bathroom. (The toilet didn't have a door which closed 😂)
    The room we were meant to sleep in was the size of my hostel room with absolutely no illumination with just toxic fumes of mosquito repellent making their presence felt. The family members were very nice (as always one of the members developed a fondness to my slippers😂) and hence was shyly using them 😃. We took a trip around the road next to the house and the main reason for stopping was the weight of our slippers☹ (they were full of mud hehe)😆! We could visit a few shops around for our usual clothes hunts and I got an authentic jersey for my bro 😎 for just ₹250. We had a plan in the evening to meet the family which had entertained us the day before. To our host's disappointment we left to have dinner with them in McD. Not realising that they were unable to afford it ☹. It was a huge family and we managed to buy a burger for each before we set off to their home. The way there was filled with convos about new flirting lines 😎 taught by the masters themselves😂. We were greeted at the hall and we started our (what had become customary) games of UNO by now.😃 It was fun and we bid our goodbyes to 'bagus' and family😀 to return to our home and sleep well for tomorrow we had to visit the island.

    DAY 3:
    The day started early and a taxi, a bus and a van later we were at the beach😃. The island was walkable from the beach and the way there was very chantick😍 (beautiful). But I'm sure you can see the pics as proof.
    The stay at the island was optimal and nice (but it became too hot in the afternoon)😕. So we left before that back for shopping in the city. Having found and bought a couple of jerseys again I seemed content.😊
    We then headed to the UPNORMAL cafe which had amazing noodles 😋 and the concept of playing games while eating was awesome. A few weird peep meet and malaka (greek) peeps meet later we headed back home after meeting our host's sis😃. After packing for tomorrow everything seemed to go amazing till now.
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  • Day25

    All about the conversation with my bud

    December 25, 2017 in Indonesia

    On Saturday was a visit planned to a cancer hospital for cheering up the kids suffering, but plans remain plans don't they😰. We ended up going to an orphanage with a similar task. Colouring after a decade was really challenging and I could manage a mediocre painting after an hour of efforts😂!
    A restaurant and a few deep discussions later we ended up going to Ramayana for getting a few batiks😁. Didn't like many of them and ended up buying just 1 after which we could buy a sleeveless and an amazingly long (wearable outside) boxers😍.
    My indian companion left early on Sunday for Lahat so the target of the day was just shopping 😂. My bud invited me for a bird park with his family. His brother's also an electrical engineer 😋! His family was really nice (he had 2 brothers one elder and another was the best in the family the little active happy kid😚, 2 sisters out of which one was too shy and the other a bit irritated 😂). The bird park tickets were super expensive 😅 (₹250 per person) but his brother paid so we went in. It was really fun to watch the big ugly lizards fight each other for eating leaves which we fed them😂. The rest of the birds were all bosan😪. I decided to take my bud to the usual awesome restaurant nearby but it was closed on Sunday so our 45 min walk was really a nightmare 😓. But his brother came to our rescue and we could go to a restaurant nearby which had the best spicy and sweet sauce ever!! Then some time spent at the lake after which a nap was the perfect thing a heavy stomach needed.😊 Then later we headed out for shopping after saying goodbye to his family. The first shop we headed to was the USUAL ONE SUPER CHEAP SHOP (idk the name😅). Some of the tshirts available were so good considering their prices😎!
    The conversation was about my bud not accepting to use condoms haha and him actually thinking he can pull out every time 😂! That's kinda funny because he believed he could pull out every time 😂! That all started because of the packets of condoms kept beside the cashier 😂. He had a nice laugh as well 😆.
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  • Day22

    The days when under travel hibernation

    December 22, 2017 in Indonesia

    Firstly I'm gonna begin by describing the teaching experience 😂. Getting up early in the morning every day better be worth something right?😪 Well it definitely was worth it I guess!😄 The atmosphere in a class is just so lively haha, thoughts so random and reactions so geniune (very difficult to find among adults)😅. The morning class was super fresh to start with haha 😁, but some of the content being taught was questionable 😣. Come on, you can't teach integration to kids can you?😒. But the kids could pick up most of the stuff taught 😮. Being able to introduce themselves, talk about their hobbies, family and friends. So much for me thinking I was fast at learning 😂. The teaching part was like I would say something in English and everyone looked at me as clueless asf. But Raka was always there to translate but it was a tough assignment 😅. Some faces to remember some faces to forget ☺️ it was a good part of life here.

    Rainy days😍 : well rain is something that gets mixed reactions out of me depending on my location when it rains😂. If I'm at home just watching it rain then it's lovely 😚 but if I'm shopping on a scooter and it starts raining 😫 so bad! Although it usually rains in Palembang during the night but sometimes when it rains during the afternoon it's just magnificent to see it pour down 😁. The rain here is never very slow it just pours down and then suddenly stops 😶! Weird but a bit like Matheran 😁.

    Sate madura 😋 : never thought chicken could be super tasty 🤗! This dish is like roasted (boneless) chicken pieces on a stick dipped in delicious sweet spicy sauce😄. Must have here haha. Feri was very sweet in treating me.
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  • Day1

    Venturing into a familiar unknown

    December 1, 2017 in Indonesia

    The past few days have been very India like to be precise but I've assumed the role of a white RICH tourist 😂. The journey to Indonesia had been a very unforgettable one cause can't forget something you don't remember 😂. The Singapore international is HUGEEEE!! Maybe as big as the IITM😮! McDonald's in India seems way better (the one there's got bitter orange juice, the PUT HAM IN BURGERS WITHOUT MENTIONING!!!) But on the brighter side of things the sleeping seats there are AMAZING!! So are all the facilities there :D, it's all so good😋. Palembang visa procedure was so funny :D haha. I actually bribed the customs officers there and after a small chat with my new Indonesian friend they agreed with just ₹2000 haha :D.
    Readjusting to the new schedule hasn't been easy specially due to change in sleep patterns but having all the house to oneself is very nice as well 😉. Work schedule is rather relaxed, and work is very subjective but fun :D. Designing a banner is super fun 😄. Also talking in front of an audience of 500 ultra rich Indonesians is interesting 😎.

    Some special mentions about Indonesia :

    1)Go-Jek seems like a nice startup idea for India as well 🤔... You'll ask me what they are ? Well imagine a taxi only as a scooter 😀 (they seem super cheap and also apparently they're reliable :D).
    2) People run really slowly 😕. Like not one person runs faster than 6 mins per km :/ but maybe that's exactly what the Germans think about Indians as well 😂.
    3) Religion is not induced here maybe people just truly believe what they have learned (I'm talking about OUR GENERATION not our parents')🙂. Feels a bit strange that majority of the teens believe.😱
    4) Students here got cars lol😂! I mean bigass cars (So much for poor Indonesians 🙄).
    5) Almost everyone here smokes 😶. It's a bit TOO COMMON here :P. Good or bad it's very observable.
    6) Everyone here is so damn short 😂! I'm wearing XL tshirts beat that!!!😆
    7) Switches are opposite 😂! ON IS OFF and OFF IS ON 😆.
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  • Day85

    The last outing :D

    November 23, 2017 in India

    About the day : Let me conclude that the previous day had ended with a really long discussion about sizes of boobs :D and Adam secretly revealed his habit of watching a lot of videos :D. Before this the day we had a few memorable events :
    1. Ni had alcohol for the first time in his life (His dizzy state can be detected by a sudden splurge of increase in talkativeness specially about NERD stuff and increased irritability let's be careful from now on)
    2. The double roti place is a really good burger joint (a little expensive but just as good as the barbecue places if you love burgers)
    3. US101 ain't always really crowded cause the DJs are mostly playing music only on Fridays and Saturdays (this was whispered by the bouncer outside as an attempt at establishment of trust between us

    Raphael is dancing like super crazyyyy..... (Moves like Jagger literally :P). The night was memorable one starting for the parotha place. A bunch of sufficiently tasty parothas at the parotha express kicked off the start of the night. The main fun was the discussion about the baggage of Raphael given to Julian and the dilemma about too much weight. The main issues were
    1. Julian's meet with Bea in Goa which might affect the preference dynamics in case some of the luggage needs to be thrown out.
    2. His Gfs insistence on not carrying all the luggage permissible by the flight agency.
    3. Julian ignoring messages from Raphael (it's obvious why he did not care about other people!! HE WAS IN GOA WITH HIS GF :P)
    4. Maybe it's just RAPHAEL!!!!
    Anyways we had the laugh of the month courtesy of Marco ( the whole story is that Raphael as always was cribbing about the prospect of his shoes and spices being thrown out of the flight. Marco genuinely pointed that he could just put those stuff in and throw some other stuff outside instead). At the moment it just seemed really funny :P.
    The issue was solved quickly as he got a message that someone had compromised in his stead. So it all ended well temporarily :D (The group for the party was a strange one, Adam, Rishabh, Marco, Raphael, The indian from Tirupati, Dan and Ondrej (whose gf was to arrive today and HE LOOKED LIKE A SUPER FUCKING STARRRR!!!!!!!!! His blue suit just caught the eye :D.)
    I can't believe that Raphael and Marco were able to successfully hitchhike all the way to Tasmac. It felt strange that someone unexpected had all the adrenaline to do all this :D. The Tasmac was as always like Tasmac :D (lots of Indian people staring at foreigners :p, too crowded a place with a unique smell of its kind).

    The discussion the particular day was about a dilemma :
    If dropped from the top of the Burj-khalifa, would a banana hurt a person more or a coin thrown with the purpose of of damaging a person ?
    Well different logics were presented to justify both sides of the argument.
    For the coin logic :
    1) The shape of the coin would have more pressure exerted just as soon as the collision takes place.
    2) The shape of the coin would also imply a less air resistance therefore more velocity attained.
    3) Coins do hurt (seen in soccer games)
    For the banana logic :
    1) The banana is way heavier, which will directly affect the velocity to be way more.
    2) It's more mass will also increase the impact because it's proportional to transfer of momentum.
    I'm not sure what's the correct but I guess coins hurt more :D.

    The bottle flip was successfully achieved by Lorenzo :D.
    Here we sit writing you (my diary cum blog) while others are amazed with how out dancing thirst is satisfied so early whilst the atmosphere being so electric :D. (I guess it's just the hormone pumping substance that gets you all charged up to exhibit some of the primal instincts)
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  • Day111

    Life minus the trips

    November 12, 2017 in India

    This is mainly to highlight the life besides basically the TRIPS! :O
    The Monica of all this life could be said to as the couch of Bhadra. Well they're always the hub of meeting friends and making plans with them. Marco is just a call away from the entrance too :D.
    Ok about the International day now. Well the cooking was really fun except the part about getting ingredients again and again and again and again :(. The biscuits cooking episode with rob was super super fun! Firstly genius of Rob to come up with an oven like mechanism wherein you place a vessel and a tray inside a big ALUMINIUM (ahha you'll see why) vessel and put cookies on the tray. So batches of biscuits came out nicely from the oven and there was a noticeable orange spot at the bottom of the aluminium vessel :p which finally transformed into a big hole. (Mainly cause melting point of aluminium is 600C) But we continued with our biscuits. Hoping making enough for everyone in the big kitchen to taste and maybe as a compensation for our sins :D. The biscuits were super tasty (secret was the perfect and a bit more sugar than prescribed :p). Finally we escaped the crime scene without being caught (remarkable ain't it). The next day was about the omlettes and also the Czech potato pancakes. The omlettes seemed so nice even before cooking completely. Dipping potatoes in olive oil and then frying them. Yum-yum 😋. The pancakes were amazing too and cooking them seemed a real challenge 😄. Then rain was a big spoiler though and all events seemed to encompassed by wet shorts.
    Francisco and Antonio seem like ghosts haha :p.
    The party the day after the international day was nice. Dancing was fun at for a while haha :D. Theo and Charles no more discussion on our kind of topics :/. The exam the next day was fine as well haha :D.
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  • Day61

    The Second Time :P (Faster)

    October 30, 2017 in India

    Unlike the last time the start of the trip was a free ticket :p. Being a German these days I was used to being a physical alarm clock for the group which provided delivery to Bhadra too :P hahahhahahhahahahahhahahahahhaha!
    Getting up early and after freshning up soon I was at Bhadra shouting "MARCOOOO! GET UP :P" then came Tomas haha :D. Ahmed had woken up by the time the cab arrived (stupid of me to book an SUV for just 4 guys but who gives anymore). We were soon at the Egmore station in time to catch the 6:50 train (Dadar express) to our destination. The journey was comfy but I met a strange young kid from Maharashtra who seemed very experienced with this particular journey. His conversations were about places he enjoyed in Tamil Nadu like Madurai and why I must go there :). Also he seemed like an expert at sticking feet out of the train door so as to just brush the platform in a moving train :D (too risky for a pussy like me lol). Soon I was lost in deep sleep only to be woken up by a grandma who kept moving around in the train from one compartment to another. (She could never compete for an election in the compartment I'm sure cause she pissed of a lot of people including MEEEEE!!). Anyways our lil friend had taken a seat at the end of our compartment on top of the rest of us near the door :P. Amazing seat it was haha :D. Soon we hurriedly moved out to a station when everyone told us to go out :D. A bus from there and we were in Tirupati :). After a nice so called breakfast (of samosa, kachori and some jalebis) we were at the base of the temple. The path looked a familiar one (since I had been here a few days before obviously). I thought that all the running training would make this way easier :). With positive mentality I began the climb faster (dressed in the customary sleeveless and borrowed shorts from Nishant :P). A few steps and a few stops later the ticket checking point still seemed distant :(. It's a very interesting phenomenon when you are actually climbing the steps actually.
    Your feelings would be undergo the following transition :p -------------->
    The others are so lazy walking so slow :) I could go all the way easily without stopping ------------->
    Maybe a break here and there won't affect so much I'm still way better than these fatasses ---------------->
    Oh shit how many more steps :( ------------------->
    Fuck it I'm a human after all the climb is a bitch -------------->
    I can't do this anymore such a bad decision to come here ----------->
    BIG BREAKKKKK!!! ------------->
    :D I'm ready to go love this experience :)
    NOTE : These transitions are cyclic :)
    So after cycle 1 we were at the base one (That indicates 2083 steps :P and also the most difficult part consider 75% done).
    Tomas and me went ahead (not before my usual MRP price fight when buying water; it's not about the ₹5 per water bottle but the exploitation that I'm concerned with on a mass scale and anyways I'm learning new ways of trade every time :P love it!!! :3) walking at a nice pace. The way from now on was much nicer with almost being flat. The discussions about future journeys were true indicators of our immense attachment :D. (I really like Tomas) He promised to take me around Sevilla if I was there :). So we went up and up looking at the magnificent views on the offer especially just before the final steps. The final climb wasn't very difficult at all and the feeling of reaching the top was amazing *_*. After a nice meal we spilt up as the other bought dhotis and proceeded towards going inside the temple while I waited taking naps and curiously looking at the people around who seemed to be in a hurry :o. The place opposite to the temple is an amazing place to nap :p. Soon later I saw them return without entering the temple cause it would have taken too long :D (very expected). We took a bus back to Chennai directly for just ₹200 each and besides the usually irritating baby cries I don't remember anything special about the journey.
    It was a good time :D
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  • Day1

    The Time I Travelled With Indians :O

    October 28, 2017 in India

    Now we're back to doing trips again after a bit boring September :D. I was so happy to be travelling with some Indians at last (Punjabis haha that's even more awesome :D).
    3 Germans and 3 Indians is a really nice combination to travel with :). So we started early on Saturday and we were at the railway station by 7:40 on time to catch the Brindavan express. Risking buying no tickets was no risk at all looking at the number of people in the general class compartment! We could imagine an empty compartment had the TC actually come cause no one had tickets :p. Our journey kickstarted with a few interesting conversations and then we enjoyed our poker adventures (also got my first introduction to teen Patti).
    While we were contemplating whether to kick the guys enjoying the door seat out or not the breeze made our journey not so bad. A few traded seats, a few more games later we were at the place close to yelagiri. The journey lasted nearly 3.5 hours. Although a bus would be the perfect way to reach yelagiri we couldn't find one so after lunch at a nearby restaurant we started our lengthy negotiations with Took Took drivers. Finally we fit all of us in one Took Took and started our really slow journey up to yelagiri. It was fun with the view on either side being really beautiful.

    Then we did some snack shopping for the big hiking expedition. Having started on our journey we decided to lose the GPS and try to get to the waterfall using our direction senses😂

    It didn't prove to be quite fruitful as we spent most of the time climbing up and down a big mountain, the journey through thorns, filled with an imagination of experience of a man vs wild like scanerio was a different experience indeed
    Anyways idk which mountain we climbed I'm sorry I could show you what I saw from you there but in general that's unimportant, the more important part was the journey with long sticks (because all of us had one) fighting with everyone haha :p

    At the top of the so called mystery mountain described by me we found a goat herder, so lost were we at the time that we believed him even though he nodded to whatever we said 😂 Going by his chosen path we ended up nowhere running around in circles finally choosing our path on the way up to go down 😂. We filled our journey up with moral dilemma questions (the usual ones with Dan I mean) and the new set of sexual ones 😂. After a few hours we ended up using GPS trying to go to the waterfall but giving up home and ending up back at the hotel 😂 ... After many card games and a few showers later we ended up having a nice dinner at a nearby restaurant😋 *Dhanish hotel*😊. A late night walk to find the lake was more about breaking into private property unknowingly😂 but the sleep was good and so was the start of the new day. Having a proper breakfast at the lake view hotel ( I should add beloved because the price was amazing for the hotel like ₹300 per person for that room)😉

    This time we knew what to do and what not to do so we did end up going to the right road to the waterfall​😂...
    We asked a few knowledgeable villagers🙈 and the path took us way way down through cliffs and normal roads finally to a waterfall after maybe 3 hours of trekking. Offering some amazing views and memories we chat forget. The way down the waterfall to swim in it was a bit tricky and risky 😂 all of us made it alive safely that's nice :)
    The waterfall was really nice with very slippery rocks though and the kids there were really friendly 😊
    Swimming after a hot day trekking was perfect. A few many many pics later we headed back still not able to forget the magnificent view from the top and after a sugarcane juice and a crazy TOOK TOOK ride later (the ride was filled up jumps up and down I do recall my head hitting the roof of the TOOK TOOK a dozen time at least) we reached the railway station. A few negotiations and a took took later we were back after taking our luggage from there back on our way to Chennai. The journey back was quite different actually... A palmistry book for a train is highly recommended because everyone is super curious then. Having meet a guy who talks too much and a technician from Apollo and a few other people reading their hands seemed like a nice exercise to practice.
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