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  • Day34

    Supply demand really works!

    October 5 in China

    How to 'picka' girl in China😉, How to mingle when everyone around is yellow :O, and How to 'Mark' a place😂, Seeing how far acting poor gets us 🙂, free stuff gathers attention.
    An underground mall was cool! The lunch was better than the hot pot for sure. No other foreigners in Kaili means definitely higher value for foreigners. There is a considerable height difference between Wuhan and here. (No one taller than me yet)Read more

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  • Day33

    Getting to the Lo level

    October 4 in China

    Chinese interaction has reached a maximum. The dancers, the last and the first ever selfie from this phone😁 (the lovable bitches before the short goodbye), the beautiful red lights, the not so hot pot, the view the view and the generous family which adopted us😎! Train ride was fun! Made some friends along the way with our attempts to talk in Chinese being quite pathetic. Hostels are fucking expensive here :D (take what you can give nothing away). The dancing experience with the nice food (let's see how nice it is tomorrow), crazy day!Read more

  • Day32

    The crazy trail

    October 3 in China

    What do you do when you see what he's doing, the best view ever :D, the perfect platform 😂, the heart locket, the weird pic, , the mountains 😂! Dunno but walking in the dark is underrated 🤗. (Can be shit scary alone). Going up is way harder than coming down :D.
    The bus system is really fucked up here in Zhangjiajie (only way to plan something successfully is to go far away from the entrance in the morning and start approaching it at noon). Monkeys are monkeys ofc! :DRead more

  • Day29


    September 30 in China

    Accents are funny! Everything was the best due to the Brazilian accent induced laugh 😶. The climb felt a bit like Tirupati😮 (but it was not up and up only down and up)🙈. How to pee? #Babies. The mountains are too good to see 😁. The annoying part was (as Simon rightly said) "You have to pay"! The laugh was about a flight from Bangkok to Paris to San Francisco to someplace but the accent was fun! McDonald's at the top felt like a McDonald's in heaven 😂
    PangHue (fatgrey)😁, who offered a discount haha! 5 years after Thailand and smile bitches :D
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  • Day28

    A rope away

    September 29 in China

    Trains are better than in India😎. People ain't adjusting (reclining is impolite)🙂! The ropeway gives creeps (feels scary even though accidents are rare🙈). The Godfather ('of Juice')😆! The Ribonz with the pose :G. The biggest glory hole and the longest escalator🤷🏻‍♂! (All on the top of the mountains) The glass stairs are a bit bull :S! (Glass needs cleaning I guess) Learning experience : Why it's so hard to bend down🧐. Btw the hostel rocks :D. The dinner was great (wallet doesn't think so though😂).Read more

  • Day8

    The heavenly breeze

    September 9 in China

    Bus journeys are a bit harsh, but for the price you'd settle for anything really! ☺️ The tower looked nice from outside, a closer look would be alright but the price seemed too much! Imagine a horizon with skyscrapers and then a few normal apartments (relatively decent) followed by dirty small houses, that's exactly what Wuhan is like!🙂 Idiots were swimming in the dirty water of the river🙂 which was kinds worrying! The dancing has been special lately trying to learn a step haha :D
    The markets are full of weird crapola but so interesting! Tofu smells awful but the Chinese like it crazy :D
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  • Day18

    Pointing a finger on the map

    April 11 in Germany

    Well, first it was a museum plan, later became a zoo plan but the freaking price of the zoo was too expensive. So first we went to the broken church where the paintings inside were very beautiful actually 😍. Then later to the mall for peeing😂, first time to ring the alarm bell😂, German alarms are so efficient. Later on we decided to move to a completely random place on the map😂 and it was really funny. We first get a really nice view of the city, how it's different in different parts😄 and then visit a few churches on the way. Later we ended up watching a ship sail under us. Then we pleasantly saw some kids play football for about an hour before we had a really delicious currywust😋. That was a really good day.
    (Ethan was talking so much with his gf😂 and the SK peeps are so cool)
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  • Day1

    Best place in Indonesia!

    January 20 in Indonesia

    Ijen is by far the best place I've been to in Indonesia😎. No regrets about going there at all. Firstly no place before I have been to has had such an amazing flame💙. It's exactly as shown in the pics which is another amazing part about it.😇 Also the journey to there was equally nice. (I don't wanna say challenging although it was a bit maybe mainly because it did not feel risky at all)😇. It took a total of 2 hours to climb to the top of Ijen and then to go see the blue flames (of sulphur). Walking in the dark was well fun in a different way as compared to running down the same road hours later with a more than brilliant view😋. Every time we stopped, our guide invariably consumed a new cigarette😂. As we carefully descended down to the crater the smell of the sulphur grew more and more intense🤨. (I like it actually in not too toxic quantities) The problem was with the eyes. Unfortunately we we're able to see the acid lake from the bottom but after reaching the top it was chantick😁. Something to try next time :D
    Just say that you can no longer see the blue flames to the people descending down🤭. (An old lady almost got a heart attack)😂
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  • Day1

    Expensive but well damn WORTH IT!

    January 20 in Indonesia

    Bali is really really worth visiting😎 but it's not indonesia!

    Let me highlight some of the main differences between the 2 :
    1) Prices💵 : Well everything is almost 2 to 3 times as expensive as in Yogyakarta in Bali.
    2) Religion : In Indonesia when someone has a positive inclination towards you (a bit maybe after the where you come from question) they generally ask the religion with an expection of being muslim whereas here it's with an expectation of being Hindu.
    There is a very noted disappointment everywhere in Indonesia if the religion doesn't match and a sense of enthusiasm if it does which is super fucked up😂!!!!!
    3) Animals : No fucking cats in Bali but dogs😇! Finally something nice 🤭.
    4) Weather : It's more tropical in Bali. With way more forests and also rice plantations😇.
    5) People : Well people here are browner for sure, they are also more hairy with better eyebrows and also heavily tattooed😏. Curiosity for boule is reduced considerably in Bali😂.
    6) Roads : Are way better (properly constructed) in Bali but still takes super long to travel around.
    7) Architecture : Well no mosques seen being replaced with a zillion temples (which look more Chinese than indian)😊.
    SOOO DIFFERENT from real Indonesia🙁

    Day 1 :
    All about reaching our home and the struggle in the rain of shifting the luggage 😂. Having taken the ferry, it took us nearly 4 hours to reach our home driving from the west coast of Bali to Ubud 😁. The home was really comfy (problem was hot water was available only for the lucky ones)🤭.

    Day 2 :
    Having settled in and had a very fruitful breakfast😋 (well also after washing clothes), we headed to a RICE PLANTATION place (idk the name😂) but it was wonderful😊. Later we headed to a butterfly park where we say many beautiful butterflies and also some cocoons. It was really amazing! (Helps that Bali is touristic)😇. After taking a look at Mt.Agung we headed to a waterfall.😊 It was a sight. And after dropping Ares off we had a nice sleep.

    Day 3 :
    We checked out of the previous hotel and our day began with the Balinese dance😃. To my surprise it was super amazing (the music was unique and so was the performance of the actors)😃. Later we headed to a temple (basically a view point like the southmost in Bali) and then to a bird park.🤭 It WAS SOOOO GOOOOODD!!!😃 Way better than the one in Palembang. So many birds hahahah. After which we headed for our hotel hunt😇. We settled on the tallest hotel in bali!! It was awesome to stay here for 3 days.😃

    Day 4 and 5 :
    A nice heavy breakfast kicked off our day.😋 After a few bad bargaining deals and a long walk along the beach it was fun just to lie down and relax in front of our hotel😊. Later at night we tasted Nasi jinngooo (which was amazing🤩) and Siobak (pork was tasty)😊. Snorkeling was super awesome the next day and the banana boats were Fucking crazyyyy😂. (Falling was epic) and the trip to lemobongan was amazing.
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    The mountain not so special

    January 16 in Indonesia

    At the Surabaya there are many stations🤨 so it was a bit confusing where to get down. The strange part was that like a lot of peeps boarded from the 1st station although the train was to stop in Surabaya😂. Anyways we were picked up by our guide SELAMAT (he's a very happy person very funny as well and happened to be a great guide). We approached the Surabaya airport to pick up the rest of the family after a brief stop at the market. Unfortunately they had arrived but their luggage hadn't🙁. So after a few delays (to ensure that the luggage would find the owners sooner or later) we headed for a meal and towards our 1st destination Mt.Bromo. The journey proved us with many beautiful places to see (It looked similar to Waynad from Kerela)😇. So through the forests climbing up and up towards Mt.Bromo we headed, we reached our wonderful hotel by 3pm (The lunch on the way Sate Kambing was not really loved by family)🙁. The hotel was right on the edge of a hill facing a mountain on one side and was super equipped with facilities like HOT WATER😎. A hot water bath was the experience I would really pay a lot for!!! So a walk later and a meal later followed by a shower, sleep was quick😃.

    Day 2:
    We started early (actually a bit too early)😂 for witnessing the sunrise leaving the hotel by 3:30. (Also note that even with diarrhoea it was impossible to take a shit because of the cold)😂. We travelled through the dark to reach the viewpoint but our hopes of seeing Mt.Bromo faded as time flew due to the ever existent fog😔. After a really long 2 hour wait we left to go to the crater. The walk to the top was a super easy one😂. (Though some lazy people were riding poor horses😔). The top was not really special but the atmosphere around the mountain was really nice. With too much breeze blowing it was near freezing😈. A nice breakfast later and a long sleep in the car, we had reached Banyuwangi. (I missed talking about the meal and the road but nothing was special except for the fact that the road was beside the ocean all the way which was nice😇. (Reminded me of the Andaman islands)
    That was the end of Mt.Bromo though🙁
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