• Day38

    We started the day quite early at 6 am from the main gate. A bus after waiting a while from Madhya Kailash meant that we reached the CMBT by 7:30. A very affordable breakfast there (an ice cream candy, a samosa and a packet of chips :D just love layz hahhahahah). We got a bus which started at 8:00 (buses are available all the time). The ticket was a minimal ₹87 one way. After reaching gingee by around 11:30 we went to the first fort there which offers a bigger climb (around 1500 steps). It's only open till 3pm for entry btw. Tickets were a reasonable ₹15 for Indians which can be used for the other fort too :D. The climb there is quite challenging and also fun :D. The view it offers at various places are amazing :D. You can see some pics of it :). It's possible for fit guys to go non stop :D I'll be posting a calories burnt analysis from now on :D. We burned around 200 in total says Ni. Anyways we reached the top by 1:00 I guess and we could see the whole city from there :∆. Finally we took a TOOK TOOK on the way back after climbing down to the city for lunch. Cost us like ₹8 per person haha :p. We had biryani near one of the places we could see on Zomato. It was decent lol then we set off for the 2 nd fort :). The climb was more rapid but equally more tiring :D. We could see the other fort from there. Then on the way back we got off before CMBT. A bus to Adyar and called off the day :D.Read more