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    The Time I Travelled With Indians :O

    October 28, 2017 in India

    Now we're back to doing trips again after a bit boring September :D. I was so happy to be travelling with some Indians at last (Punjabis haha that's even more awesome :D).
    3 Germans and 3 Indians is a really nice combination to travel with :). So we started early on Saturday and we were at the railway station by 7:40 on time to catch the Brindavan express. Risking buying no tickets was no risk at all looking at the number of people in the general class compartment! We could imagine an empty compartment had the TC actually come cause no one had tickets :p. Our journey kickstarted with a few interesting conversations and then we enjoyed our poker adventures (also got my first introduction to teen Patti).
    While we were contemplating whether to kick the guys enjoying the door seat out or not the breeze made our journey not so bad. A few traded seats, a few more games later we were at the place close to yelagiri. The journey lasted nearly 3.5 hours. Although a bus would be the perfect way to reach yelagiri we couldn't find one so after lunch at a nearby restaurant we started our lengthy negotiations with Took Took drivers. Finally we fit all of us in one Took Took and started our really slow journey up to yelagiri. It was fun with the view on either side being really beautiful.

    Then we did some snack shopping for the big hiking expedition. Having started on our journey we decided to lose the GPS and try to get to the waterfall using our direction senses😂

    It didn't prove to be quite fruitful as we spent most of the time climbing up and down a big mountain, the journey through thorns, filled with an imagination of experience of a man vs wild like scanerio was a different experience indeed
    Anyways idk which mountain we climbed I'm sorry I could show you what I saw from you there but in general that's unimportant, the more important part was the journey with long sticks (because all of us had one) fighting with everyone haha :p

    At the top of the so called mystery mountain described by me we found a goat herder, so lost were we at the time that we believed him even though he nodded to whatever we said 😂 Going by his chosen path we ended up nowhere running around in circles finally choosing our path on the way up to go down 😂. We filled our journey up with moral dilemma questions (the usual ones with Dan I mean) and the new set of sexual ones 😂. After a few hours we ended up using GPS trying to go to the waterfall but giving up home and ending up back at the hotel 😂 ... After many card games and a few showers later we ended up having a nice dinner at a nearby restaurant😋 *Dhanish hotel*😊. A late night walk to find the lake was more about breaking into private property unknowingly😂 but the sleep was good and so was the start of the new day. Having a proper breakfast at the lake view hotel ( I should add beloved because the price was amazing for the hotel like ₹300 per person for that room)😉

    This time we knew what to do and what not to do so we did end up going to the right road to the waterfall​😂...
    We asked a few knowledgeable villagers🙈 and the path took us way way down through cliffs and normal roads finally to a waterfall after maybe 3 hours of trekking. Offering some amazing views and memories we chat forget. The way down the waterfall to swim in it was a bit tricky and risky 😂 all of us made it alive safely that's nice :)
    The waterfall was really nice with very slippery rocks though and the kids there were really friendly 😊
    Swimming after a hot day trekking was perfect. A few many many pics later we headed back still not able to forget the magnificent view from the top and after a sugarcane juice and a crazy TOOK TOOK ride later (the ride was filled up jumps up and down I do recall my head hitting the roof of the TOOK TOOK a dozen time at least) we reached the railway station. A few negotiations and a took took later we were back after taking our luggage from there back on our way to Chennai. The journey back was quite different actually... A palmistry book for a train is highly recommended because everyone is super curious then. Having meet a guy who talks too much and a technician from Apollo and a few other people reading their hands seemed like a nice exercise to practice.
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