July 2019
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  • Day23

    The most expensive movie of my life

    July 27 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

    Except the exceptionally fun fighting scene of the movie 'Once upon a time in Hollywood' everyone else was basic. The university had better rooms than in Asia University, better infrastructure as well. Something that's never happened before : random dude entering our room in the middle of the night asking if we wanna smoke up! Crazy haha!Read more

  • Day21

    Definitely not that special

    July 25 in Taiwan ⋅ ☁️ 26 °C

    The sun moon lake doesn't appear mystic at all. In fact it's just a beautiful lake with clean water. Although nice to visit 😁 nothing very special :). Can't understand why there are so many owl dolls in Taiwan🤔

  • Day16

    Sea is a beauty

    July 20 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

    Imagine sleeping (on artificial grass better than natural to avoid insects) with beautiful blue sea in front and a few ships. Taiwanese students are super friendly. Met another one whose English was great!
    Life's funny - wanted to eat cheap pizzas but ended up eating sandwiches and rice :), same for the plan to meet at 7pm.Read more

  • Day14

    More India than India

    July 18 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Trying to reason how common these things are -
    1. Meeting some Maharashtrians
    2. Meeting a sailor (considering the curiosity of working on the ship since over a year)
    3. Meeting someone who wants to give up an American passport for an Indian
    4. Meeting a child whose mom's indian and dad's japanese (I have no idea how the complementary tastes matched - Indians usually prefer more masculine guys with beards and Japanese prefer feminine girls who are lighter)

    Life's weird. Although the reasons for it were (as far as I understand) strong connection with a different community in Goa. (Goa isn't really India is it?🤔) In a way that fascination for Goa doesn't translate into fascination for India. Also the first time at someone's place who loved to cook. (Always has been a huge issue 😂).

    So basically pointing out some observations from Vietnam :
    1. It's chaotic and messy - crossing the streets, electric cables hanging around seems a mess
    2. Cheap - feels more India like with the prices although they're a bit steep for indian standards
    3. Never seen shops like those on the street before - system of the shop was weird with husband doing the night shift and the wife doing the day duty (24 hours open)

    Virtual reality testing was crazy, the chair really moves giving me the creeps! Food in Vietnam is tasty especially chicken rice.
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  • Day11

    Another university

    July 15 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 34 °C

    Finding no people has never been a problem in a university before but doing a summer school presents its own challenge. Doing something creative is super fun and instead of solving complex mathematical problems, love the change to do some origami. The phone stand maybe useful in the future. Dormitory roommates are fun, so are the classmates. Everyone seems a bit naive :D.Read more

  • Day9

    Taiwan vs China

    July 13 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 34 °C

    1. PEOPLE

    They're more used to foreigners (no stares here, great English of people, they're always happy or seem happy), China is more stares, hopeless English, friendly but awkward :D. Maybe it's due to the fact that all of my sample space (in Taiwan) has been touristic region, nonetheless people make an effort to talk in English rather than starting a conversation in Chinese.


    China is really developed but Taiwan is another level, the trains are super spacious way better than in China and also public transport is less crowded, lesser tall buildings in Taiwan as compared to China though. Regulations for trains are non existent in Taiwan. You can buy a ticket for any train without your passport, no checking for all your belongings every time you enter a train which makes the transit much faster and hassle free. Besides the stations are super compact so you don't have to keep moving around confused just to find the fast speed train station or the slow speed train station like in China. Everything is at the same place so convenient ain't it?😁

    3. WEATHER

    No pollution in Taiwan whereas China is super dead in this respect. Weather is similar though here since it's a small island (always a bit humid and warm with rain being fairly common). China is too big to talk about the weather as a whole.


    Transportation within a city is super expensive in Taiwan. It's common to spend about $150 every day when you're getting around here and there. The minimum price of a bus ticket is $15 where in China it was 2 RMB ($8) for a bus.
    Hostels haven't been expensive in Taiwan with just about $350 a day.
    Trains from one city to another cost more than in China when compared to the distance. Taipei to Taichung costs $700 (approximately 200kms) with a cost per km of about $4, whereas in China a train from Wuhan to Shanghai costs about RMB 350 which is 1000 kms giving cost per km of $1.7.
    Food feels the same price as in China.

    5. EXPATS

    Too many white people, China has lots of Africans and Pakistani, here it's 90% white Americans.

    6. FOOD

    Less variety in Taiwan so far and less spicy food, I prefer Chinese food

    7. BARS

    No bars in smaller cities in Taiwan, Chinese drink a lot, Taiwanese don't :D

    Over-all I would rather live in Taiwan but China is much bigger and way more diverse and interesting :D so if I have the option to explore a country China would be the one :)

    The picture read this by the way : “To enjoy comfortable train rides, don’t talk on the phone loudly in the train. No need to share what is happening in your family.”
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  • Day6

    The best days of Taiwan

    July 10 in Taiwan ⋅ ☁️ 30 °C

    Commuting with the city of Hualien has been a huge challenge. Gotta rent scooters next time cause walking an hour every time you wanna do something is a bit crazy! Funny how events can change our life course, we met our Scottish friend Gregor near the Buddha statue and then everything was much nicer. Throwing stones at the rocky beach, then going around the night market and attending the music festival made a fun 1st day here. The next day we set off early to Toroko by bus. Shakadang trail was the best one, imagine walking a nice path with river on one side and mountains on the other (pleasurable ain't it). We met Peter (a bit like Raphael), fun guy! Later we also met Ronan who had been around 50 countries around the world working in different places (different jobs like a chef, a marketer, an accountant haha awesome!). The other trails were fun especially when water was pouring down inside a cave. Company was awesome! Food's been a bit expensive but not too bad. Today we went down by the river and swimming there was really refreshing. Then we enjoyed a guitar performance from Gregor.Read more