• Day16

    Nathon (Koh Samui), Thailand

    December 31, 2018 in Thailand ⋅ 🌧 30 °C

    Our only tender stop this trip the wonderful island of Koh Samui.

    My tour this stop was a waterfall hike, we started the tour by stopping at the local market to admire the fresh seafood and fruit.

    Then it was off to the waterfall, where we started off by feeding the fish and then after being given rain ponchos and warned the trail was slippery after rain that morning we started off. Not even 5 minutes into my walk my asthma started playing up, so ended up turning back.

    Once back at the base the guide hooked me up with a local who was supervising his son who was swimming in the lagoon, he found me a lovely spot where I could sit on a rock and have the flowing water over my feet. Ended up getting out when his son got cold and the timing couldn't have been better as it started to rain.

    Made my way up to the cafe and met up with another 2 hikers from my tour group who hadn't made the hike. We watched the rain absolutely pelt down, while the cafe owner fed us tea and biscuits, never been so glad to be an asthmatic.

    After the drowned rats finished their hike it was off to town for lunch, which was held in a lovely restaurant right on the water, where we had a lovely view of the ship docked just off shore.

    After lunch had some free time so did some shopping and then headed back to the the ship, was glad I wasn't on the last tender as was absolutely chock full.
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