• Day12

    Nagoya: Sayonara

    September 22, 2016 in Japan ⋅ 🌧 22 °C

    rinko bukuro = bicycle bag

    After two weeks cycling non stop we were starting to get used to the routine: wake up, breakfast, climb up hills, get wet from the rain and arrive to the next check point fully exhausted, dinner and sleep. Well this was our last routine. Two weeks of cycling yet it felt so short; we obviously were having alot of fun. By tomorrow Kei had to travel back to Tokyo and fly back home and i will stay and continue the journey...
    We arrived to Nagoya at night fully wet. Nagoya is the fourth biggest city in Japan. Suprisingly unlike any places we have been it is not so clean. I bet its the fault of the tourists that came here...we have seen any japanese litter before.
    We had a delicious meal that night. The waitress spoke with an accent, so we asked her where she was from. She told us she was from Tibet. Since then we noticed a fair amount of Tibetans in Nagoya.
    We stayed there a day longer, and we walked around Nagoya. We generally dont like cities that much, so there were nothing much to see. We walked through an alley behind our hotel and there were alot of prostitutes with yakuza-looking japanese guys nearby.
    We dismantled Kei's bike and pack it inside his rinko bukuro. His passed his other bags to the hotel service and they will send the bags straight to the airport for him to pick them up.
    On the next morning it was time to said goodbye...Kei's carried his rinko and headed to the train station. These two weeks have been fun for me. Till next time....sayonara!
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    Moin Fariz! Top Bilder, interessante Route ;-)...Viel Spaß noch beim Pedalieren


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