• Day32

    The Zoo and The Rocks

    November 12, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    This morning we took Cat’s advice and had breakfast at Radley’s a breakfast bar just a few paces from our hotel. Excellent bacon and egg Roll and much cheaper than the hotel breakfast.
    When Rachel came over here a few years back she was very impressed with Tarango Zoo as indeed were Cat and Sarah yesterday so we took the ferry across the harbour, only about a fifteen minute trip from Circular Quay. As forecast it was noticeably hotter today than yesterday. The zoo is in a great position on the side of the water. When you arrive you take the cable car up to the top and walk back down seeing the animals as you go. Having come to Australia we had to see a koala, a kangaroo and an emu all of which, and many more,were there.
    It was very hot so at around 12:30 we got back on the ferry to the city.
    From Circular Quay it is a short walk to an area called the Rocks and it is quite close to the bridge. This is an older part of the city and very reminiscent of England though having said that we had a snack lunch and drink at the Munich bierkeller! Again, because of the heat, we made the decision to go back to the hotel and the air conditioning - a great relief. Watching the news on TV there is huge concern here about the bush fires some of which have been burning since September. The major concern this afternoon was a town about fifteen miles north of the city, Turramurra, and the shots from the air were quite alarming.
    Late afternoon we stepped boldly out into the heat once more and explored more of the Rocks area and had a drink at the Lord Nelson, one of the oldest pubs in Sydney. Whilst sitting outside the colour of the sky to the north took on a worrying orange tinge which must be the fires. Had dinner this evening in Darling Harbour, cheap one tonight, burger and fish and chips!
    Despite the heat we managed to walk over ten miles today. Temperatures predicted to drop tomorrow fingers crossed!
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    Have been watching the news about the fires - it must be very frightening for the people caught up in it. Here it is the other extreme with bad flooding in the north.


    Hope all well and enjoy the rest of your trip.


    Both messages from me Sara !!