• Day51

    We might be going ‘Stealth’.

    August 30, 2020 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

    So it all started because I wanted to get out of the tent.
    Into a Tin Tent.
    Then I found a Tin Tin.
    Loved Tin Tin.
    ABSOLUTELY loved Tin Tin.

    Then Emily got her van.
    My van now.
    Then she wanted to go bigger.
    I said, “ You need a bus.”
    And she got a bus.

    Now, we are thinking we need new vans.
    But we like doing them up ourselves.
    And they are too expensive for us if they are Motorhomes.

    On those windy last few afternoons....
    We have been investigating.

    Going to look at Iveco tomorrow in Coffs.

    This will be interesting.
    Emily might come back to Melbourne in March.
    To park in front of my place.
    In a brand new van.
    All ready to be converted into her home.

    How much fun would that be?

    I want the shorter version.
    And in blue.

    Bet it won’t fit under the carport!

    Ha ha.
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