• Day11

    Porto - 2nd full Day

    April 28, 2017 in Portugal ⋅ ☀️ 59 °F

    Today was a bit more relaxing. Woke up a bit later - probably didn't leave apt till about 10. Tried to wash some clothes last night. Noticed that someone had unplugged washing machine which we thought odd. Finally found the outlet under the water heater. They had a T where the water heater and the washing machine plugged in, but you had to look for it. So turned on the washing machine, didn't hear any water coming in. Examined the valves closer - looked like someone had shut the water valve off to the washing machine, so I turned the valve and then water started dripping on the floor. Not good - obviously a fitting was loose. Gave up on this idea and texted host via WhatsApp. She didn't even know about it - obviously hadn't checked out apt very carefully before we got there.

    Had some cheese,bread an apples for our breakfast and then strolled towards the old town looking for street art. Not far from the apt we stopped in a little pastry shop and had an Americano and a chocolate eclair. Good for my blood sugar which is a disaster on this trip! For the next 4 hours we just wandered the streets, shooting lots of photos. Stopped near the river for a good lunch at a place called My God, which had lousy reviews on Trip Advisor, but we thought it was excellent. Had grilled sea bass, Breem, with wine - excellent fish, good wine. Don't know what was up with the reviews.

    Saw a couple of good street performers, lots of things to photograph. Another beautiful sunny day. We have had incredible weather every single day.

    Finally back at the apt around 7:30 and now having to get our stuff together for tomorrow. Ugh. Tomorrow we drive back to Lisbon and crash at a hotel at the airport as we have an early 6:05 am flight. Yikes! Plan to stop at Fatima on the way down.
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