• Day3

    3 Zoos Pt 3

    April 1, 2019 in Singapore ⋅ 🌧 30 °C

    At 3:29 it started to rain and the 3:30 Orangutan feeding was cancelled. Then it started to pour and it became a heat storm full of lighting and thunder. There was a man and a woman I met when watching the chimpanzees earlier who met while traveling and are now just travel buddies who only meet up when they don’t have someone to travel with. We were all disappointed about the storm but we sat and talked for the hour while it stormed until they left the zoo and I went to meet M for the River Safari. The River Safari was a separate entrance that took you through different species of different rivers around the world, plus pandas, though one was hiding. We also got a boat ride on the reservoir and I saw the “Maned Wolf”, an animal I didn’t know existed which is stunning! We wrapped up the night at the Night Safari. The Night Safari was yet another zoo which opened from 7:15pm to 12am only. Of course this zoo showcased nocturnal animals. We saw the Fishing Cat in action, a sloth bear that wanted to eat us, bats, a white lion and Asian lions, Asian elephants, leopards, pangolin, and some others I never heard of. The zoo was really awesome though and felt like we were really in the wild and could actually see the animals in action.Read more