• Day31

    Kuching- Kota Kinabalu - Sandakan

    August 12, 2017 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    It's 14.07 and we are currently making the descent to land in Sandakan! I am looking out the window at pure jungle - it looks incredible and we can't wait!

    Tomorrow we will actually see orangutans !!!! I can't even believe it.

    We have just flown from Kota Kinabalu. It's been a pretty long day, as we left Kuching at 6.05 am and landed in KK at 7.15 am and then had a 6 hour wait before our 1.15 pm flight from KK to Sandakan. However a direct flight was around 3 times the price, and it's not been too much of a hassle. We ended up leaving the airport and going to Tanjung Aru beach for a couple of hours. It's a popular local beach, and is just 10 minutes from the airport so we thought it was worth having a look to kill some time. The actual sand on the beach wasn't great. And the beach did smell a bit, and was a bit dirty. However - the sea was beautiful! It had lovely turquoise clear water and was very shallow. We stayed there for a couple of hours (however I later realised I had sat in poo so it was a nightmare having to clean everything!!!). When we got back to the airport we had a mcdonalds.

    We are staying in Sepilok Nature Forest Edge today, which looks so great! It is also located next door to the Orangutang rehabilitation centre which is very exciting!
    Oh my goodness this jungle is insane !!! I have to enjoy this one second.


    We landed in Sandakan, and got a taxi for 30 MR (approximately £5.50) to the resort. We stopped at a mini market on the way and got lots of new toiletries which was well needed! The resort was amazing -thanks to Hope as she booked it on Hostel World. It is very big, and even has a small pool. We checked in, then had our welcome drink (I think it was cinnamon iced tea) and had some food. The food was amazing - we had the garlic pok Choy which was so good! Only bad thing is that the room only has a fan - and it is absolutely BOILING! It is so humid here that you are sweating after a minute of walking, so it's very difficult!

    Considering we had been up since 3.30 and had no sleep, we were lasting pretty well! However by 8 we were shattered and went to sleep. I had to be up early as I had a jungle tour booked.
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