• Day5

    Hikers summitted!

    August 16, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 73 °F

    Received a text just now that our hikers have reached the summit of Mt.Katahdin! Congrats to our hikers for climbing the tallest mountain in Maine!

    Last night we were not sure if this feat would be possible as we learned of two changes since the last time Angus and Sarah hiked Katahdin.
    1) Campers are not allowed on Baxter State Park roads making getting to a trailhead a challenge. (To be honest, this could have been a rule for a while. This is simply the first time we have been here with a camper.)
    2) You now need a permit to hike ANY of the trails up Katahdin!!! What?!?! This absolutely NEVER occurred to us as every other time we simply arrived, camped (that we did know you need to reserve) and hiked. Oh boy, were we in a double bind.

    So, we talked to the owners of the Wilderness Edge Campground where we are staying and they gave us one of their three passes, that can be used any time up Abol or the Hunt trail, and drove our hikers in this morning at 5:30!!! They will be picking them up later this afternoon as well. Problem solved!!! Hooray to nice people! -Don't worry, we did pay them, but sooo worth it for this unforgettable experience! Hikers decided on the smoother Hunt Trail to the newly designed Abol Trail that just opened after a rockslide.

    Patrick and Sarah have manned the fort checking out the water supply in the camper, getting mani/pedi's and playing with some more "new" trains. Had to move some couch cushions to make our mega train, so fun!
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