• Day5

    Sunshine at last!!

    October 2, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    We had an interesting, if sobering, chat with the guy who owns our cottage (and the big house, and the whole valley, and a pack of shire horses, and ...) while he was replacing the broken kettle. Apparently he worked as a tin miner most of his life, 12 hour shifts underground, but got £300 a week at a time when the average manual worker in Cornwall got only £20. Talk about deserving every penny...

    Gorgeous day, so we went to Tintagel. Which is named after a tagel, made of tin. English Heritage, of which observant readers will recall we are long-time members, have spent £2m building a smart new bridge to connect the 2 parts of the castle, replacing the natural land bridge which collapsed in the 15th century. I assume the delay was due to stringent planning laws. Anyway, it only opened in August and is spectacular and avoids hundreds of steep steps down and up. EH have really improved the place since we last visited about 10 years ago.

    Then we went to Padstow, which was very disappointing. The museum was shut, but I expect the only info in it would say that there was nothing there until Rick Stein bought EVERYTHING, rebranded every shop with his name and hiked all prices by 400%.

    So we came home, to catch up on the cunning Brexit plan Johnson and Cummings (well, Cummings...) have concocted. 😱
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