• Day7

    Can I pet your dog?

    May 30, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌧 11 °C

    So at 9am, back on the bus to go to the east highlands and to Edinburgh.

    First stop: The sligachan river has a legend that says if you dunk your head In the river for 7 seconds you'll have eternal youth (I'm looking about 15 years old right now)

    Gruska are soldiers from Nepal. One was staying at a hotel and a man bet him that he couldn't get up a mountain and back down in less than an hour. He ended up doing it.... bare foot. Now there's a race every year & the fastest time today is 44 minutes. (This mountain is huge okay? I can't even comprehend how fast they must be going)

    The Eilean Donan Castle started being built in the early 13th century as a defensive measure against the Vikings where the 3 lochs meet (long, alsh, Duich). The name traces back to a colony of otters that once lived here. The King of Otters had it seems, chosen this place as his residence, and was easily recognizable to all by his coat of pure silver and white. Eventually when he passed, his robe was buried beneath the foundation of the castle. In recognition of this event it is from the Gaelic for otter (cu-Donn) that the island is said to take its name. There have been many famous movies shot at this castle James Bond 007 days of bond, Loch Ness, highlander, Made of Honor (and many more)

    Lt colonel John McCrae was a famous Canadian soldier, physician and poet. He died on Jan 28th 1918 in Boulogne France. He left them his legacy to the world renowned poem, in Flanders field.

    Loch Ness: it is so big you can fit the world population three times inside. 71 km long, 702 deep. Also the same Loch where Nessie the Loch Ness Monster has been spotted. The first sighting was in 880 and over 1000 sightings have been seen since then. Scientist believe that there could have been eggs left there before the last Ice age & thawed. They think it could be a dipladocous. The Loch Ness is an average temperature of 5 degrees Celsius. This dinosaur is warm blooded therefore would not be able to survive in extreme cold. The last sighting was 30 years ago.... until today when I swam with Nessie (I stuck my hand in the water.... close enough)

    John Cobb was a boat racer. He was racing on Loch Ness where the water was said to be flat and still. Out of now where, I huge splash that happened and made John Cobbs boat crash and he actually died.

    Meaning of whiskey: the word is actually "Uisge Beatha" in Scottish Gaelic which means "water of life"

    Pattack falls nature trail in Cairngorms national park where we stopped for a quick look at a beautiful waterfall.

    We stopped in Pitlochry where salmon are known for swimming up stream on River Tay. Also on this river, a woman caught the largest salmon in the world. I tried some whisky that was called sweet dream & it was the BEST whisky I've ever tasted.

    We arrived in Edinburgh around 7:30pm... & left the tour group!!! Finally!! But not without saying goodbye to Andrew with some cuddles (that's what they call hugs haha) We walked around central station, trying to see if there was somewhere where we'd be able to store our bags for the day. It was 12£ for 12 hours (what a rip off).

    So we walked towards our flat & it's about a 15 minute walk from the centre of town and let me tell you..... it is BEAUTIFUL (I'm also writing this from my heated bed at the moment) We met our Airbnb host and she is the sweetest little scot ever. (she is also going to let us keep our bags here until our flight tomorrow night)

    We headed out to go find some food & see some of the city since we only have tomorrow to see everything. I'm getting pretty good at this whole jwalking thing here in the UK (trick is to always look right first)

    We're now back at the flat, showered and cozy as ever. Ready for our big day tomorrow of lots of walking & traveling!!
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