• Day40

    Day 40: Deep Sea Divers Den

    August 29, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Picked up at my hostel, ready to go for diving the great barrier reef. These guys know the drill, it's an oiled machine to get to the reefs and dive the great barrier. You really don't need to think off anything and that's also a little what I am missing here. It's good for now but next time I want to decide where I am diving and when. Smaller groups would do it and smaller boats but that also means no overnight stay out there. I thought it would be really far off the coast but it's ok. 1.5 hours I guess? Well the fun thing about many people is the many nice people haha. Great crew and great adventure divers, I am sharing this room with name buddy Daniel haha. From San Fran so he is really cool already. He did this course so I dove with more experienced diver Borja from Spain today without a guide eventually because we know what we need to do anyway ;-). Really relaxed guy, we did the first dive with guide but decided to go by ourselves when we trusted each others skills and that worked out perfectly fine. The 4th dive today I had to do with a guide because it was really special. Fluor diving, with black lights you go night diving and some off the Coral lights up beautifull. Actually you need a yellow screen on your mask and camera as well. The photo's are hard to get pritty in the dark but some moviematerial worked out fine. Actually the dive was really extraordinary anyway. It began with 6 people including guide. Than my buddy wasn't allowed cause you needed to have some experience with night dives. Than we went under and the group scattered a bit but the purple lights were a sign we were with 5. Than after 5 minutes of diving signs at the bottom, the guide left with one of the guys and apparently we had to stay on the bottom. I didn't quite get it because i wasn't the one "talking" with her. But I felt great on the bottom of the ocean in pitch black darkness with only a few purple light arouns. It felt like I was on the moon, I was starring at the surface 15 meters up and just enjoyed that moment of peace on earth. The guide came back alone and it felt like half an hour but the total dive was like 40 minutes. We saw some pritty coral that illuminated nicely when the uv lights were on it. Amazing beautifull and sadly we didn't see any fish light up that way but they should exist. Had a great time and after the dives almost went straight to bed and slept like a baby while rocking sideways on the swaying of the boat. Good nizzzzzzzz ;-)Read more