• Day4

    Lac Cai and dive to Hilma Hooker

    January 8 in Bonaire ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    A really good day, I found a way to sleep better with the howling (which is something I brought from home ;-)). Apparently my mum loves my music and with the speaker on a volume that overules snorring the night was over within a few songs :-). Only the drinks needed to exit the body during the night but further more I woke up fit even after only 6 hours of sleep and the workout of last night. Having my own made coffee in the morning sun was the best start of the day. After breaky we drove to Lac Cai and looked around in this area. With all the shells from long ago it was a pritty sight. The trip brought us back via the right side and the AH supermarket. A quick lunch for me and ready to go diving. The boat was full and the dive master was Dutch the location was near the saltfields and also planes landed just behind us. The shipwreck was called the Hilma Hooker and was never salvaged from the bottom because the owner had marihuana on board (they say ;-) ). They also said they burned the marihuana when found and the smoke went to Aruba and therefore it is now "one happy island" :-). The wreck was big and cool to see. The depth was 30meters and the stern was higher up. We saw very big fish called Tarpons and barracudas and more nice fish even a squid in the end.
    Back on the boat we got to an other spot where only 2 went in to get a big lion fish and they got it. Pulled it out and killed it but that took minutes since it wouldn't die easy. The Lion Fish came here recently and is grown to be a threat to the other fish so they started hunting them to regain the balance again.
    After this we wanted to go but we had some engine problems. I looked over the shoulder of Spider but he fixed it within a minute.
    Back in the hotel it was cocktail time on the beach amd it was super. A bit later we went to the room for a shower and to get ready for diner and some drinks with it.
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