• Day7

    Kayaking, Supping, Snorkeling, Drinking

    January 11 in Bonaire ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Well that's that. Breaky, Relax a little, Kayak tour around 11 getting to a beach and a little further and a little extra further to see if the guide would follow us... she didn't. Well we went with the wind and bacl against it but still is was easy getting there and back within the hour. Imagine what we would do in the 3 hours that we could have got for it. We were fitter than average I suppose. Because after lunch me and my mum went supping which was easy enough for my first time. I think I still am used to windsurf boards and other balance games. Mums went very good for a 60plus lady since it looks easy, you need a lot of balance and some strength. I went to a docking place for a particular boat a bit further in sea and towards klein Bonaire to find out that it wasn't a waterski jump.
    When back a little snorkeling and I think i came to close to a stone fish since it really scared me off by it's behavior and sudden movements.
    Drinking came after, a workout also and some cleaning up in the room. A little before 8 we went together via a taxi ride to Kralendijk to eat at the Cuba Company. When we stepped out we had suddenly one of the best fireworks shows of the year. Really amazing stuff went up in the air. The food was good and the place really nice. After a few hours we were done and ready to return and go for a longer nights rest ;-). I fell a sleep very quick.
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