• Day15

    Crisscrossing the lake

    September 7, 2016 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Another wet and cold day today. I timed my walk to the boat nicely, as it was just getting in. I had wanted to go in the other direction (towards Gaisalm) but that was a 45 minute wait so I got on the one heading to Bachau.
    Bachau is on the other side of the lake, we then headed back to the west side to Seespitz which is where the Achenseebahn comes in. I had planned to take the trip to Jenbach but it was too wet and cold. We headed back to Pertisau, then up to Gaisalm. I saw the dripping rock which is where one on the streams(?) coming down the mountain passes over the path. The path from the dripping rock to Gaisalm and then beyond to Scholastica does not look an easy stroll.
    From Gaisalm we went to across to Achenseehof then to Scholastica at the foot of the lake, back to Gaisalm and then Pertisau.
    By then I was thoroughly cold and decided to spend the afternoon relaxing and reading.

    The hotel really is lovely. I have my own set table with my name (Frau Creasy) on a little sign on it. I again skipped lunch but this time didn't have afternoon tea so I was nice and hungry (mind you breakfast was hearty with bircher muesli and egg and toast plus fruit and cheese so it's not like I'm starving).

    Starting with salad is nice, at least I know I am getting a large bowl of veggies. As I helped myself to pickled cauliflower one woman got really excited, called her husband back to the beginning of the table were it was and was visibly disapointed when she realised it was cauliflower. I have no idea what she thought it was!

    The meals have been dainty. My only reference point for a hotel that supplies dinner as well as breakfast is Fawlty Towers. This is nothing like that but it's what I think of everytime I sit at the table and see my little lable.

    Tonight I had melon and proscuitto followed by cream of salsify soup (so nice), duck with potato dumpling and cabbage and then what was described as a cream cheese nougat dumpling with stewed apricots. It had chocolate inside and was delicious. The main is a reasonable size but the other courses are nice and small.

    The dining staff have variable amounts of English. Some a good amount, others none. I rely on nodding and pointing to the menu a lot. I have also added "Ja gut" (yes good) to my vocabulary in response to what I assume is an enquiry as to whether I enjoyed the meal.
    Other than that I find myself watching other people, on the boat we were given a paper ticket, the instructions on which I translated as "keep the ticket until the service goal of the sailor."
    itranslate isn't infallible. So I just watched others and saw them return the tickets so I did so as well.

    Did I mention it was cold?
    Dripping rock
    View from the lake
    Looking from Scholastica at the foot of the lake
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