• Day16

    Jungle Retreat

    January 18, 2017 in Guatemala ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Nice sleep in, then down to the retreat's restaurant which is right next to the lake.
    We haven't had wi fi for a while so caught up on my emails and did abit of banking. The connection was very patchy though and came and went.

    Its a lovely place.

    After my homemade brunch/lunch (check out the knife they gave me) we walked into town 20 minutes each way. The heat the heat! We are all dripping.

    I get some orange drink which tastes like tang for energy - the water just wasn't cutting it.
    We walk around abit make a few purchases and I get another smoothie from the same place and we head back.

    Then we watched the you tube video a dozen times and managed to get the mosquito net back into a circle! Not easy and it took two of us!

    Finally relaxed in the restaurant by the lake. The meals are western prices but without the western quality.

    Most of the photos are on my camera so here is what I have of the retreat. My room, the shared verandah and bathroom, my lunch, the view and a random boat!
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