• Day25

    Up the volcano I go but land in hell!

    January 27, 2017 in El Salvador ⋅ ☀️ 34 °C

    So we get a great sales pitch on this volcano visit by our tour guide. Easy he said - two hour drive there and back in a pick up truck plus 60 minutes hiking. Ok I thought. I can do that.

    Back by 1pm at the lastest - so that leaves plenty of time for hammocking and margaritas!

    The pick up truck arrives and there are 12 people - first sign of trouble. A mattress goes in the back and seven people are expected to cram into the back with five inside. I'm not stupid - as everybody eagerly jumps in the back I make it to a seat.

    An hour's drive there? Three hours later we get to the volcano but the driver takes us to the wrong volcano!!

    But let me back up abit. We assumed it was a drive on a road as we were not told otherwise. Part was a road then a very bumpy dirt track uphill followed by very steep cobblestone! It was so bumpy we were being thrown all over the place. Thank christ I was inside.
    And this pickup truck wasn't a four wheel drive!

    There was not even a remote bit of commonsense from our tour guide - who I might add has done this trip three times before.

    So we are struggling up hill and the truck is basically sliding backwards down the hill! So we all yell stop and stumble out of the truck. Not sure if the driver or tour guide would have made this crucial safety decision!

    Then half get back in and half start walking. The truck finally makes it to the wrong volcano. So while waiting for the others we walk to the top of this volcano which has telco towers! No much of a view so we trudge down. Turns out a large chunk of this volcano is owned by one person who likes to live alone. He charges $5 to get to the other side of this wrong volcano. The tour guide does say this is his fault and then says he will pay the $5 (to the wrong volcano I might add) and has rung for another truck. I just want the last 5 hours back!

    The $5 volcano has a lovely view and it looks like they are building a cafe and there is a half finished viewing platform.

    Then back to the new truck which you stand in hanging onto a rope which gives you rope burn because the truck shakes so much going over the rocks!

    There is a vote as to whether we carry onto the planned volcano. I vote quit but majority vote means we start hiking. I'm so over it and am thinking of my hammock.

    At the top is a timber lookout which can only hold four people at a time - its pretty shaky though - hope no one is on it when it eventually collapses.

    Back down the volcano in the rope truck then we have to cram into the original truck. Will this nightmare never end.......
    We put another person in the front sitting between the gear stick so there is more room in the back and the guide sits in the back this time.

    Once we arrive back we all rush to order lunch as that can take an hour. I go straight in the pool then to the hammock to have lunch.

    I won't bore you will the bill saga at the hotel but I wasn't going to pay $9 for a piece of chicken when you can get a massive dinner of chicken rice beans and vegetables for the same price. The perils of ordering off menu.

    Day over thank heavens.
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    Mary Maroske

    Doesn't sound like you have had much luck with the Intrepid guides. No doubt your feedback sheet will let them know!

    Margy Walsh

    I think after seeing a few volcanoes in my time like Stromboli which is bubbling away & people going to the edge no health & safety plus in Java same thing you have seen them all plus flying very very low over one in Hawaii & seeing the lava red hot then walking across a dead one with your father that is enough give them a miss the first one does look nice