• Day1

    Business class

    January 17, 2020 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 21 °C

    Ok off I go on my next trip with mum (aka marge) and its my first time flying business on a long haul international flight and I am excited!!
    Arrived early at the airport so I could soak up the experience of the business class lounge. Never need to do that again.
    Service on Qantas was pretty good, food was ok although the snacks were excellent.
    Flat bed was uncomfortable which surprised me so didn't sleep all that well.

    Next was nearly a five hour wait in Hong Kong spent in the small packed business lounge with a less than impressive breakfast.

    Then onto Finnair. Very small flat sleeping area and poor storage and I didn't like the food but the service was excellent.

    All 1st world problems I know.
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    Anne Johnson


    Anne Johnson

    Actually I wrote something else instead of yay which got a big red sign appear saying my comment was identified as spam .,.,,bit odd as it was harmless ..... I said ..and we are off ...... but wrote r instead of are ..... sensitive site .

    Mary Maroske

    But still beats cattle class every day of the week🤣🤣