• Day11

    Road to rome

    June 5, 2018 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 18 °C

    Left Venice in a water taxi to get back on our bus. Our bus driver’s name is Enrico and Phil praises him for being such a good driver and they work well together. Stopped at a rest Centre and took a picture for Ron of a cow and what we thought said Drink milk but said milk the cow...we ask Enrico. Then to Pisa. Much more to it than we thought. We had a local guide who was very humorous. Apparently people from Pisa did not like the Venetian or the Romans. Men selling cheap souvenirs mainly outside the walls. Phil said to watch for pickpockets. We stopped at Machiavella winery. He wrote The Prince away back when?Lots of wine tasting and some snacks....the view is from the winery. Arrived at hotel around 6 o’clock. A group of us tried to find a restaurant but ended up coming back to hotel....a very funky hotel. Little lights in ceiling and walls of bed part of room. Remember the coloured bathroom fixtures??Read more